Why We Work: Lark Mack

Skils’kin has added another esteemed employee to our Why We Work campaign. Lark Mack is one of the front desk admins at the Boone Headquarters in Spokane, Washington. She has been with Skils’kin for about 5 and a half years. During that time her life has gone through some momentous changes which are notably positive: procuring a driver’s license, getting married, and excelling in her photography are just a few examples.
Lark has been on the up-and-up since starting at Skils’kin. She is a valued team member and a wonderful person. Her can-do, positive attitude allows her to excel in her position. When she has an idea or method or is asked about a project; she is known to provide valuable input. In the last few years, Lark has applied her best self in her efforts at Skils’kin.
All these qualities mentioned and all she says in the video holds important work lessons. They are all reasons why she is an exemplary candidate to represent Skils’kin. Then she does so with a warm greeting to all who enter our doors.
Another notable fact about this video is a production change. Usually, Marketing Manager Zack Rosse is our Videographer, but this time HR Manager Ian Graves generated questions, conducted the interview and filmed Lark’s responses. Zack compiled and edited the footage and finalized the video. Watch and find out why Lark works.
Thank you, Lark, for sharing your views and all your contributions to Skils’kin. Additionally, thank you, Ian, for helping to bring this project to fruition and all you add to Skils’kin. And thank you, Zack, for polishing the footage. Teamwork is alive and well at Skils’kin.

If you would like to contribute to the “Why We Work” campaign, submit your story to: WhyWeWork@skils-kin.org

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