Veterans Task Force

The Veterans Task Force is an ad hoc group comprised of military veterans and representatives of resources that are for veterans. This group is meant to create connections for vets at any stage of their life and transition into civilian life. Peer connections, veteran speakers, and resource groups specific to veteran assistance creates growth for the vets who attend. The Veterans Task Force is a community group always looking to expand their offering to their members.
Ian Graves, HR Business Partner, started his connection to this group through the VA employment program Skils’kin had partnered with in the past. Ian had seen Skils’kin’s veteran employees as some of their strongest, and by building a stronger connection to their resources Skils’kin could help improve their experience and recruitment. Ian returned to his supervisor and wanted to develop this connection into something greater and on-going with his discovery. Without a doubt Ian was told to explore this collaboration, he was allowed to be his own leader.
As Ian continued to integrate himself in the group he saw some deeper connections. He realized that there was more opportunity to give back to the group and create some crossover. While attending a meeting Ian and the rest of the group noticed they weren’t finding the most conducive environments for sharing information and inviting speakers. Simply, it was too noisy. Quickly Ian offered Skils’kin’s space in order to host a better meeting and make the connection for their members of Skils’kin’s mission.
During the Veterans Task Force meeting at Skils’kin, Ian invited Chris Cale, Director of Quality and Compliance, and Brian Behler, Skils’kin CEO, to speak and demonstrate Skils’kin’s role in the veterans’ community. Chris, as a veteran himself, spoke about his transition to civilian life. He talked about his various positions and how they kept him connected to his military roots. He said, “When you’re transitioned out of the military, going back on the base for work feels like you’re going home.” Brian, on the other hand, addressed more global issues. He spoke of the institution of work, and the importance of job availability for all. Veterans and people with disabilities alike make transitions in their lives, and employment can help ground those efforts. Both of these speakers made a lasting impact on the Veterans Task Force and the rest of the meeting flourished with conversation and connection regarding the veteran transition.
The connections and collaborations we make at Skils’kin are meant to empower individuals, enrich lives, and create a stronger community. By working with the Veterans Task Force Skils’kin has made a lasting partner committed to providing opportunities and engaging the Spokane community.

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