The Path of Rejection

Rejection cuts like a knife. Hearing that you’re not good enough or not the right person is enough to keep people from even attempting to reach their dreams. After receiving rejection self-doubt creates a voice in your head to convince you that you aren’t good enough. At times failure feels ceaseless, and we become lost in our own perceptions.
Yet the anticipation of failure hardly matches the results. Most of the time it’s over in an instant, like ripping off a bandage. One opportunity comes to a close, but the rest remain. Over time we learn and strategize based on our failures, and success comes eventually. Rejection isn’t a negative outcome with the right outlook. It is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your goals, and what might be holding you back from reaching your goals. With a mindset for growth, rejection becomes a foothold to success.
Skyler Hitchens followed the path of rejection and found success over time.
Costco wasn’t necessarily Skyler’s dream job, but it was the job he wanted. Costco, as a company, is ready to support their employees, it is in the field he wants to work in, and the new Northern Costco was close to Skyler’s house, so he could be responsible for his own transportation.
In April of 2018, Skyler applied for a position as a Cashier Assistant. During the interview, Skyler met with several managers and demonstrated his skills. A few days later Skyler heard back from the interview and found he was not offered the position. At this moment it’s hard to realize, but it’s not the end. In fact, it is still the beginning. Skyler worked with his DVR Employment Advisor, Sarah Trenn, to keep up contact with Costco. Skyler started with a thank you note and was able to ask why he didn’t receive the position. It turns out, it was a lack of work experience.
Failure is just research unless you never try again. For Skyler, this was his opportunity. He now knew what it would take to put himself in the position to get the job.
After the rejection, Skyler began to work at Skils’kin in the Commercial Services crew. In this position Skyler was working grounds, trimming weeds, and doing general janitorial duties. This wasn’t the job he wanted, but it was the job he needed. Skyler continued to work through October, fostering new skills and an appreciation for holding a job, and making money. Once the grounds work came to a close Skyler ended his employment and asked for a letter of recommendation from his manager Nichole Garcia. In the letter, she describes Skyler as committed, skilled, and a valuable asset to the team. This kind of credibility and experience is exactly what Skyler needed to improve his application for Costco.
Skyler was ready to reapply to the Costco position with a more full resume and confidence from his past experience. The second time around the process felt easier, Skyler says. He knew what to expect, and he even knew who he would be interviewing with. The preparation leading up to this interview started the day after the first. And the hard work paid off as Skyler got the Cashier Assistant Position at Costco.
Skyler now works regularly at the North Costco in Spokane. He is responsible for pushing carts, assisting cashiers and customers, and is taking on new responsibilities whenever possible. Dave Reinhart, Skyler’s Supervisor, says the cart pushing job isn’t easy, but it’s where everyone starts in the company. Costco’s structure is about growth. If you believe in yourself to succeed and are dedicated to growing in your position Costco will give you an opportunity to prove yourself. In the past year, Skyler continues to believe in himself. Congratulation to Skyler and Costco for coming together to demonstrate the power of work and commitment.

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