The Big Picture

“[We are] a large nonprofit, but a small player in the medical field that can quickly customize kits for any department.”—Steve McBride, VP of Commercial Services

Commercial Services’ production of phlebotomy kits has become a solid line of business for the team. Through incorporating many elements of Skils’kin’s core values, kitting projects have become a staple of the Commercial Services operation. The marketing niche of assembling kits started very locally. Commercial Services is now working to tap into the expanding market through targeted relationships with growth in mind. Phlebotomy kits and fire departments are the main players in a marketing plan. Pooling together the power of relationships, diversity, and innovation into an inclusive marketing/commercial services effort.
The potential to expand the kitting operation was clear, and Commercial Services worked with Marketing to bring it to life. Using a combination of sample phlebotomy kits and targeted promotional cards Skils’kin aims to reach unique target markets and expand awareness of an effective inclusive workforce. This campaign is not only promoting a quality, customizable product, but also proving inclusive environments work well to produce qualitative results.
The Commercial Services team had streamlined the customized production of phlebotomy kits for the Spokane Fire Department. Not only was the team efficient and diverse, but they were also producing a marketable resource with low productions costs. The innovation and integrity of the kits was all based upon the ideas of the Commercial Services team. Fire departments and emergency response units carry phlebotomy kits as part of their standard operating procedure. Skils’kin has been creating phlebotomy kits for years, but through recognizing the success with the local fire department, the path to expansion was clear. After all, the process and production of these kits were met with consistent, positive feedback on the quality and cost of our kits from Spokane’s Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer—“I have the highest level of trust with Skils’kin and certainty that the final product is exactly what we need and how we need it.”
This success demonstrates Commercial Services’ ability to help other fire departments by offering a quality product with competitive pricing. Now, with all the materials and a platform of quality and affordability provided by an inclusive kit assembly team, the big picture is focused on expansion. Commercial Services will be distributing promotional sample kits to fire departments in Eastern Washington, North Idaho, western Montana and North East Oregon and offering our dependable services. If this goes well, Steve McBride, VP of Commercial says, “We can scale our kitting operations here in Spokane to meet any growth opportunities that present themselves.”
Skils’kin implements its core beliefs into all the company services. Whether it’s Commercial Services or AbilityOne contracts, anyone can see how devoted Skils’kin is to its mission, vision, and values just by observing each department in action. If you or your business could benefit from streamlined, customizable kits contact Steve McBride to add convenience and precision to your everyday operations.

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