Taking Next Steps

Ben Jones is a sharp and humorous individual. By the punchline of his first joke, he has the next one ready to go. Generally, this makes him endlessly entertaining to be around, but sometimes it’s hard to know when to turn it off.
For several years Ben Jones worked as a cashier on Skils’kin’s AbilityOne food service operation at the Fairchild Air Force Base. This job was great for him—good experience and hours, lots of social interaction, and great pay. But while working on the Air Force Base there is a higher expectation, and no room for second chances, so it turned out to not be the right fit for Ben.
For the Skils’kin employees that knew Ben, they believed he deserved a second chance. Upon their recommendation, Ben was hired on to Skils’kin’s Commercial Services crew. Steve McBride, Vice President of Commercial Services, hired him and began to understand his communication style and love of comedians, and how it could become problematic at work if his favorite mode of communication was sarcasm. The Commercial Services team began to work with Ben to coach him on when it was or wasn’t appropriate to use sarcasm. Ultimately Steve let him know that he will keep getting fired from jobs if he continues to communicate using sarcasm. After that conversation the change was clear. He didn’t give up on being funny, but he was ready to communicate differently while working.
Now that Ben was more employable than ever he wanted the right job. During this time he was working part-time at Commercial Services as well as the deli at Safeway. Ben was really looking for something full-time. He was tired of multiple commutes and wanted to consolidate his work. Without any luck job searching on his own Steve McBride helped connect Ben to Skils’kin Employment Services. While he wasn’t a fully supported client the employment team offered up their resources and Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Shanna Swan worked with Ben to update his resume and fully prepare him for the job search.
Through the experiential training of Commercial Services and the support from the Individual Employment team, Ben had the confidence to interview on his own and is now employed full time at Burger King in the Spokane International Airport.
Through collaboration and willingness to understand an individual, Ben is now more successful than ever. The second chance is not the solution alone, it is the experience of making it to the other side that made the second chance valuable.

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