Skils’kin Staffing Manager takes Next Step in Sales Career

Skils’kin prides itself on its ability to develop relationships in the community and present great talent. This May, Skils’kin Staffing Manager Cory Mack, a high-performing DVR specialist for Skils’kin, accepted a new position with Exact Sciences as a medical professional representative. In his new role, Cory will meet with doctors across the northwestern United States to sell colon cancer screening kits. This new role is a position that Cory’s experiences at Skils’kin prepared him well for.
At Skils’kin, Cory worked with many participants and secured many employment opportunities. In the process, Cory learned how to work with diverse groups of people. “I had to learn to deal with so many different personalities,” Cory explained. “I have a greater appreciation for people with barriers in their lives.”
Through his experiences at Skils’kin, Cory learned to appreciate the art of sales. “You have to uncover opportunities and find ways to fill those needs,” Cory stated. “You must be able to find that common ground, and build a relationship. Credibility will sustain the relationship with the business and the people we represent.”
Learning to work with diverse groups of people, as well as learning the art of sales, is what ultimately secured Cory’s new position at Exact Sciences. “You have to be patient and do the difficult work of sales to get everyone to achieve their goals by presenting multiple people, aligning multiple perspectives,” Cory explained.
“I am going to miss my co-workers and the people I’ve represented,” Cory added. “Skils’kin provided me with the tools and experience to take me to my new chapter. I will take the experience I gained and use it to move my career forward, and I was able to start at an advanced level of sales because of my Skils’kin experience.”
Through his experiences at Skils’kin, Cory was able to take the next step in his sales career, where he will continue to bring a solutions-driven approach to the art of sales.
Skils’kin is a great place to get sales training and experience. If you are interested in a career in sales, visit our career opportunities page.

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