Professional portrait of Skils'kin President and CEO Brian Behler

Skils’kin President and CEO Brian Behler Elected to SourceAmerica Secretary Board Position

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – At its December meeting last month, the SourceAmerica Board of Directors elected Skils’kin President and CEO Brian Behler to serve in a board officer position as secretary of the SourceAmerica board. Behler has been a SourceAmerica board member since March 2015.
SourceAmerica is a 501(c)3 national leader in creating employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities through a network of nonprofit agencies. Its national network of nonprofits employs more than 111,000 people with significant disabilities.
“I’m excited about this position,” Behler explains, “because SourceAmerica and the Board is really in tune to how we create not just a few jobs, but many, many jobs for persons with disabilities in community settings while leveraging the success of the AbilityOne program to really enhance integrated community employment.”
As the CEO of a SourceAmerica-affiliated nonprofit, as well as an accomplished businessman and former CPA, Behler is able to bring a solutions-driven perspective to the board, a perspective that SourceAmerica leadership greatly values:
“Brian truly understands our mission from the perspective of the nonprofit agencies that make up our network – that’s exactly what we need for all of our organizations to excel in a rapidly changing environment,” said SourceAmerica President and CEO Steve Soroka. “We’re fortunate to have him at the forefront of our work at a national level to improve employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities.”
“Brian is an excellent choice for an officer position on the SourceAmerica Board of Directors,” adds Carol Lowman, SourceAmerica Chair elect, current Vice Chair, and L2NL President and CEO. “He has a heart for the mission, the business acumen of an entrepreneur, and the intellect of a strategic thinker. His voice on the Board will help establish a vision and course to provide employment to all individuals in the disability community who want to work.”
Skils’kin is a community-based, nonprofit organization that provides employment and representative payee services to adults with disabilities, helping them grow and thrive within the community. Through these collaborative services, Skils’kin helps individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment and effectively manage their financial resources, promoting integration and, ultimately, a top quality of life in the process.
For more information, visit the Skils’kin website, or contact Mark London, Vice President of Marketing, at

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