Former Skils'kin IT Intern Andrew Mack

Skils’kin IT Internship Results in Job Opportunity

Andrew Mack, a former Skils’kin IT intern, recently started his career as a help desk specialist at Rosauers Supermarkets’ corporate office. In his new role, Andrew helps the IT team perform upgrades at different store locations.
Andrew credits Skils’kin CFO Nicolle Laporte for giving him the experience he needed in working with different people and troubleshooting technical issues. Having completed the internship and launched his career, Andrew now excels at helping people with their IT issues. “It’s all about customer service,” Andrew explains.
Rosauers has given Andrew a temporary position for 11 months, and there is a possibility that the position could be extended depending on their needs. Andrew’s manager, Steve, feels that this could be a launching point for Andrew’s career as he gains experience. He will also make connections for future opportunities.
Congratulations, Andrew!

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