Skils’kin Gains Two Certified Employment Support Specialists

The CESP (Certified Employment Support Professional) certificate is the first in the nation to create guidelines to validate and support the training currently provided in the field of vocational support. This accreditation provides an impartial third party validation of integrated employment services and concepts based on a national level. At Skils’kin, the training and learning functions of the employment department have been paramount. Prioritizing our customers means learning best practices and exposing leaders on our team to new challenges. Representing Skils’kin, Employment Supervisor, Amanda Vazquez, and Employment Support Specialist, Jonathan Dederick, took on the professional certification to be nationally recognized.
The certification is meant to represent best practices and safety for employment services, focusing on five skill areas: Application of Values, Individualized Career Planning, Job Development, Work Place Supports, and On-going Supports. These skill areas help make a holistic and individualized employment experience for anyone supported by a CESP certified specialist. It utilizes nationally recognized processes, defining roles and responsibilities of job coaching and standardized systems like SSDI for benefits planning.
Over the years of Amanda Vazquez’s experience, she has noticed a trending movement in employment. There are best practices, and individuals and employers respond to thorough planning, consistency, and customized support. The training leading up to her exam gave her “enough information to know there are resources for what is most appropriate for [individuals’] needs.” Over the training period, sponsored by Spokane County and Wise, Amanda and Jonathan broke down an understanding of the concepts on the certification exam. Jonathan expanded his tools for fading at job sites and made note of what styles of coaching can hold individuals back. Through this study of obstacles to overcome, such as self-limitation and lack of early planning, each felt prepared to gain the certification.
The CESP credential is meant to represent professionals who have “demonstrated knowledge of the facilitation and advocacy skills necessary to help establish and expand equitable employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities”, according to the APSE (Association of People Supporting Employment). The certification also raises awareness of the benefits within the business community and promotes social change for long-lasting business partners with Skils’kin.
We are very pleased to announce both Jonathan and Amanda are promoting their careers further and changing our community through passing the CESP examination. Skils’kin’s employment team intends to continue building their training program while looking to Jonathan and Amanda as leaders, as well having more professionals certified when qualified.

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