Skils’kin AbilityOne F.E. Warren Grounds Team Demonstrates Continued Commitment to Quality Work

Skils’kin’s AbilityOne grounds team at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming recently received their annual Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR), and the team achieved impressive results that reflect their continued commitment to quality work.
A CPAR is a government assessment of our performance on our government contracts. To conduct this assessment, an official from the base evaluates each project’s performance by rating several evaluation areas. Each area receives one of five possible ratings: unsatisfactory, marginal, satisfactory, very good, or exceptional.
On their latest CPAR, Skils’kin’s grounds team at F.E. Warren Air Force Base earned “Exceptional” the highest rating, on all but one evaluation area. Furthermore, the one “satisfactory” the team received in small business subcontracting is simply the highest rating the base offers in that category: Skils’kin met all subcontracting requirements with no negative marks. Thus, by all accounts, the team’s results are impressive:

Evaluation Area Rating
Quality Exceptional
Schedule Exceptional
Management Exceptional
Small Business Subcontracting Satisfactory
Regulatory Compliance Exceptional
Business Relations Exceptional

In addition, the assessing official had high praise for Skils’kin and the F.E. Warren team. The official expressed that the team performed services “in a professional manner with zero discrepancies and zero customer complaints.” The official also noted that “Skils’kin manages and employs outstanding personnel” and explained how “Skils’kin has provided exceptional service that has exceeded the Government’s expectations on a daily basis.”
These commendations reflect the drive, talent, and professionalism of the F.E. Warren team. Their commitment to quality work continually makes meaningful impacts and helps drive the success of Skils’kin and the AbilityOne program.
Congratulations, and thank you, to the F.E. Warren grounds team!

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