Skils’kin Payee is constantly looking for ways to better support vulnerable adults in our community with the goal of keeping clients in housing and engaged in other needed services. We have two staff members with master’s of social work degrees, and everyone on our team has years of experience working in this field and related programs supporting people with disabilities and other barriers to work and community integration. We look forward to working with you to support your clients.
We have provided the links to our guide and other information and forms on the SSA website for your use below.

If you have questions regarding beneficiaries you are working with or advocating for, please call Bernie Koepsell, Director of Payee Services at (509)-209-2459 or email Bernie at

Link to Guide for Support Professionals and Advocates
Social Security Representative Payee Process (PDF)

Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration
Social Security Payee Information
Information for Beneficiaries who have a Representative Payee
Guide for Organizational Payees