A History of Residential Care Specialization

Skils’kin Payee Services has a long history of working with clients and their support staff that live in supported living homes and other residential settings. We currently work with over 400 adults in Spokane who are in supported living, skilled nursing, adult family homes, and other residential settings.
We have a specialization in working with providers who run supported living programs contracted in Washington and other states. We understand the need for accurate and timely reporting, individual financial plan tracking, shared expense reconciliations, eligibility reviews, and other processes specific to these populations.

Robust Systems and Processes

We utilize accounting and case management software built specifically for payee providers. This system allows us to implement collective bank accounts. It also has substantial reporting capabilities that help us track spending, reconcile shared housing expenses and report on activity for each client individually and also rolled up to housing units and ultimately program level. The system also allows for tracking of case notes, contact information, document retention and a full suite of demographic and diagnostic data.
We have also implemented a fully electronic document retention system that allows us to capture images for all bills, receipts and other client related documents that are fully searchable and routes documents to the appropriate staff on our team to take action on. This system is secure and fully backed up regularly.
We are also working with clients and our debit card provider to replace the handling of checks and cash in homes wherever possible. The use of a debit card reduces the risk of handling cash and allows for more detailed reporting of transactions which is important for reconciliation purposes.

Providing Outstanding Care

These systems, training and specialization help us to perform these services in the highest quality manner and with significant efficiencies that allow us to save our clients’ money while providing for better segregation of duties and internal controls. This frees your teams up to focus on what they do best: provide outstanding care.
We look forward to discussing your needs to see how we can help improve your service levels and cost structure. Please call or email Jerry Hynes, VP of Payee Services at (509)-209-2459 or by email at payeedir@mypayee.org.