About Skils’kin’s Ready for Hire Campaign

Skils’kin’s Ready for Hire campaign is a means for us to help individuals with disabilities find long-lasting job placements that best meet their needs and skill sets. We begin the process by taking a professional headshot of an individual at our in-house photo booth. We then have a conversation with the individual about their strengths and desired workplaces, including what they feel they are a self-expert in. Using both the photo and the information gathered during our conversation, we then create a post that showcases that individual’s assets and needs. This post then serves as a marketing tool to help connect that individual to potential employers within the community.

Individuals Seeking Employment

Through our Ready for Hire campaign, several individuals have secured meaningful employment. However, there is more to be done. Many of the following individuals are still seeking their next meaningful employment opportunity.


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Vice President of State Programs


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