We believe in transparency and accountability.



CleanTelligent software houses monthly audit information that helps CLS perform monthly audits of each home and management team to ensure we are delivering quality services consistently. Each member of the management team is held accountable to standards and must address any follow-up concerns resulting from the audit.


Therap Access for Guardians

Therap is our paperless documentation software. We house tracking, individual, and goal information here. All guardians with enrolled individuals receive access to Therap to monitor individual information.


Providing Incident Reports (GERs)

Anytime there is an incident involving an individual, an incident report is completed and a copy of the report is sent to the guardian for their review. We welcome guardian input and respond to questions or concerns in a timely manner.


Training Program

Our DSP’s receive individualized, in-house training that covers foundational approaches to providing direct support to individuals with disabilities. These techniques are geared toward enrolled individuals and ensure the safety of individuals when challenging behaviors occur.



Important Policies

Mandatory Reporting


Client Rights


Positive Behavior Support


Individual Instruction Support


Residential Medication Management


CLS Emergency Response


CLS Individual Financial Planning