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About Skils’kin’s Community Living Services

Since 1993, Skils’kin’s Community Living Services Department has provided residential support services in the Spokane area through contracts with the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Community Living Services (CLS) supports adults with disabilities, 18 years old through end of life, to live independently in their own homes. Our program utilizes a person-centered, habilitative model to assist and enrich the quality of life for each supported individual. For detailed information about our Person-Centered Habilitative Model, please follow the link below.


We tailor the supports we provide based on the unique needs of each individual. Thus, these supports encompass all aspects of daily living, including transportation, medication administration, guidance at medical appointments, daily expense management, and annual budgeting. We also set goals with individuals to build independence and enhance their quality of life, and we encourage individuals to develop and maintain relationships. CLS may also provide end of life support where our trained Direct Support Professionals work closely with medical professionals and hospice to deliver the recommended level of care.


Many individuals in CLS receive 24/7 services. There is also an option for individuals to receive fewer service hours. This option works well for individuals who are already living on their own–or would like to–but still feel that they require some support to be successful. Furthermore, we tailor the service hours we provide in order to best meet the individual needs indicated in the Individual Support Plans (ISPs).


Our Person-Centered Habilitative Model

The CLS program is built around our Person-Centered, Habilitative Model. This approach helps individuals increase their personal self-determination and independent living skills based on their own unique preferences, values, and needs…

Ensuring Quality Services

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CLS Testimonials

“Skils’kin is exceptional in their client-centered care. Where others I’ve worked with ‘said’ it, Skils’kin has proven it in their actions…”

How to Obtain Supported Living Services & Helpful Resources

Supported Living Services (SL) offer instruction and support to individuals who live in their own homes. Each supported living program is unique and offers varying levels of service and supports…





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