Skils’kin operates a photo booth at our Boone office that offers professional headshots at an affordable price. Our photo booth is an inexpensive way to obtain high-quality profile pictures for business portfolios, organizational charts, and websites. People can schedule appointments through Mark London, Vice President of Marketing, at 509-326-6760 ext. 2412, or 509-319-1419.


Our photo booth photographer is our talented morning receptionist, Lark Riley. Lark has been doing photography for seven years and took Graphic Art and Design through the Newtech Skill Center while she was in the Spokane IMAGES program.

Lark has a diverse skill set when it comes to photography. She is well versed in the technicalities of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, perspective, and focus, and she is an experienced floral and landscape photographer. However portraits have become her specialty. Lark loves the feeling she gets from capturing certain moments and honoring another person. She has taken portraits for individuals graduating from the IMAGES program and currently takes photos of community members and new hires at the Skils’kin Photo Booth.

Lark wants to gain more exposure and views her work in the Skils’kin Photo Booth as an opportunity for her to step outside her comfort zone while providing a service that will help support our mission.

Contact Skils’kin’s Photo Booth today to get professional headshots at an affordable price. If you want more details about the Skils’kin Photo Booth or want to see some headshot samples, click on the Skils’kin Photo Booth flyer above.

Individuals receive digital copies of three professional photos for $35.


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Photo Booth at Skils’kin

Mark London
Director of Marketing


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