Skils’kin Commercial Services employees are trained and experienced in assembly and production services, including packaging, labeling, product kit assembly, and thermocouple production.

Currently, the Skils’kin team assembles approximately 300 phlebotomy kits a month for the Valley Fire Department, Spokane Valley Fire Department, and The City of Spokane Fire Department using safe and sterile assembly practices. Through this aspect of Commercial Services, Skils’kin employees are able to provide a service that helps save lives in the community.

Skils’kin also works in partnership with a large fabrication company to provide wire production services. This includes spinning, welding, stripping, bundling, packaging, labeling, and delivering the finished product.

For more information about Commercial Services assembly and production services, please contact Steve McBride or our Boone corporate office.


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Steve McBride
Vice President, Commercial Operations
509.326.6760 x 2579


4004 East Boone Ave
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