Commercial Services has been in operation since the late 1990s, and was officially launched as a division of Skils’kin in 2013 as an innovative way to create new employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, providing compensation at minimum wage or better in the process.


Skils’kin’s Commercial Services department focuses on employing individuals with disabilities while collaborating with businesses to meet their specialized needs. Hence, its projects are necessarily diverse and wide-ranging, including custodial, assembly, thermocouple production, grounds maintenance, car cleaning, and laundry work.


What sets Skils’kin’s Commercial Services apart from others is our commitment to individuals with disabilities; our extensive, hands-on training; and our personalized assessment of the services you need.


Few commercial contractors or businesses hire the number of individuals with disabilities that we do. Nearly 75% of individuals in our Commercial Services program have a documented disability.


We provide our employees with extensive, hands-on training in the field. We teach people how to do exceptional work in professional settings, such as how to clean properly, assemble accurately, and work efficiently.


Skils’kin’s Commercial Services Partnership

Commercial Services will work with you to help you determine what is best for your building or grounds. When you request our services, we will go to your work site and provide an assessment, determining how to best meet the needs of you and your company. In this way, we bring to you an understanding of the best way to do your services.


Commercial Services continues to collaborate with the business community as an innovative way of developing new job opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The department’s emphasis on meeting the needs of the businesses, along with its integrity regarding the quality of work, point to continued growth and expansion.




Commercial Services cleans and maintains Skils’kin’s Boone and Payee offices. It also has contracts to clean several community businesses, from professional offices to commercial buildings.

Assembly and Production

The department has worked on assembly projects for several community businesses, and continues to provide all phlebotomy kits for local fire departments.


Commercial Services has worked hard over the last year to develop contracts for Grounds Maintenance at local businesses. The plan is to expand capacity in order to grow this aspect of the department.


For many years, we have provided laundry services to a number of community business partners. In FY15, we invested in new equipment that allowed us to assume the laundry requirements of our janitorial team at Fairchild AFB. Our new equipment provides us with the ability to handle more volume, with larger and more-complex contracts.

Photo Booth

Skils’kin now has a photo booth at our Boone office offering headshots for community members. It's an inexpensive way to obtain high-quality photos for business portfolios, organizational charts, and websites. People can schedule appointments through Director of Marketing Mark London, at 509-326-6760 ext. 2412, or 509-319-1419.



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Steve McBride
Vice President, Commercial Operations
509.326.6760 x 2579

Photo Booth at Skils’kin

Mark London
Director of Marketing


4004 East Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99202