Sara Propelled Herself

Sara Karaffa is an exceptionally compassionate and adaptable individual who has found great success in securing meaningful employment at two different SourceAmerica job sites.
Sara had an exemplary work history leading up to her employment at Skils’kin. She has shown exceptional commitment and work at every job she had held in the past. Once employed in the food service area of the Malmstrom Air Force Base, Sara took on several responsibilities and quickly felt comfortable as she had worked in food service previously. Over the next four years, Sara grew strong in her position until it was terminated. But Sara was not ready to end her employment with Skils’kin, and Skils’kin was not ready to part ways with Sara as an employee.
Sara started the very next day in Custodial services, and it was entirely new to her and her expertise. She knew kitchens and cash registers, not chemicals and cleaning supplies. When it came down to it Sara felt she wasn’t ready, and hid. “I was afraid to ask for direction… I avoided work by locking myself in the bathroom until my shift was over… within a week I was called in and my performance was reviewed… If I didn’t do my job, I would lose it.” This was not who Sara was. Known for her exceptional performance and adaptability, Sara propelled herself into learning and committing to her new position.
Over the next year and a half, Sara proved herself the way she set out to and achieved the Employee of the Month Award for May of 2018. Soon after the Shift Supervisor position opened Sara decided she’d like to pursue it. Malmstrom Air Force Base Custodial Project Manager Jason Ewart reviewed the applications and interviewed all other candidates to find Sara was the best applicant. Sara had shown dedication over the years, she took challenges head on, and she genuinely wanted to be there every day, all qualities Jason looks for in his supervisors.
Sara competed for and earned advancement into a supervisory position, where, for five months now, she has been supervising and training a crew of four on her evening shifts, as well as continued to cashier in the dining facility once a month for the Montana Air National Guard.
The shift Sara leads runs smoothly. Everyone is on the same page and is focused on the mission. Sara’s workers feel comfortable with her, she works as a mentor to provide skill knowledge, keeping the shift running smoothly. Sara believes everyone is capable and she understands struggles when learning new tasks and doing things differently. Sara personally trains workers on her shift, and everyone views her as a natural leader.
At one time, Sara faced serious challenges that put her employment in jeopardy. Now, through dedication and collaboration, she has overcome those challenges and continues to excel in a supervisory position. She is a proven custodian and cashier, leader and trainer, and Supervisor for the Malmstrom Air Force Base. She embodies the definition of personal success. In every way, Sara is an example of leadership and inspiration to others, both with and without disabilities.

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