Returning to Pay it Forward

Often in life things work out in a way that allows us to return to the good parts of our lives. Whether it’s through reflecting on nostalgic moments, a coincidence that reminds us of the past, or something deep inside that remembers and draws us back. It is what we come to know to be a part of us, it’s what we are good at, and often, it is what we believe is right. Aaron Tomcho is a Skils’kin employee who has come, and gone and returned for these reasons. Over a decade, Aaron found himself employed at Skils’kin again.
In 2006, Aaron began receiving DVR services from Skils’kin’s Employment Department. As a young man, Aaron was working to establish himself as a member of Spokane’s workforce. Through the services he was receiving, he completed his GED while developing his interviewing skills and confidence in job searching. Aaron soon gained employment working on the Fairchild Air Force Base as a Grounds Laborer. Throughout the year, and to the end of the summer of 2007, Aaron continued to receive DVR services; as Aaron became independent, his job coach realized he didn’t need as much support anymore. By this point, Aaron decided he no longer needed services.
In 2008, Aaron went on to start his independent job search, feeling prepared and confident after his supported services and first work experiences at the Fairchild Air Force Base. His DVR experience taught him that he simply needed the confidence and practice to put himself out there. Aaron knew he was skilled and motivated, but he felt so inhibited by his anxiety that he convinced himself he couldn’t do it on his own. After a year of support, he was able to present himself professionally as a strong candidate during interviews. In his newfound independence, Aaron gained employment at Sacred Heart Hospital as a Lab Assistant. In this position, Aaron continued to develop his technical skills while working towards his long-term goals. As a lab assistant, Aaron worked in a fast-paced environment handling samples and processing data for the hospital. Over the next four years, Aaron took on more responsibilities and continued to build up his confidence.
With a goal of going back to school, Aaron continued to develop his career plan. In 2016, he began attending Spokane Falls Community College, working towards his associate degree in information technology. Although Aaron was successful in school, he soon encountered issues affording classes. In order to complete his degree, he needed to reevaluate his timeline as a student and take on a part-time job. Utilizing his job searching skills from so many years ago, Aaron still had the skills and confidence of a professional in the job market. During this job search, he came across a Skils’kin job post and he remembered his experiences from a decade ago. Aaron said he “remembered Skils’kin was a great place to work,” and applied for a position as Food Service Worker on the Fairchild Air Force Base. Aaron was able to easily land the job through his appreciation for and previous investment in the mission. He knew Skils’kin for “being compassionate to the people they serve,” and he wanted to join the mission to back in to pay back some of the support he received. Aaron is now working at the Fairchild Air Force Base Warrior Dining Hall as a Food Service Worker and is planning on starting classes in the fall semester to pursue his goals in cybersecurity. We wish you the best of luck on your journey, Aaron.

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