Raised Credentials

Christopher Borck and Timothy Taylor are two Commercial Services crew members who have both worked at Skils’kin for several years. As Skils’kin’s Commercial Services grows so does their need for skilled employees.
Skils’kin is committed to being an incubator of leadership and talent. Last December both Christopher and Timothy decided they wanted to certify their skills through training. They both registered for a forklift driving class using their annual $250 Skils’kin Education Reimbursement. They wanted to take this class to broaden their skillset, or if Commercial Services gained a new partner that would require a forklift driver, they could be first in line for the job.
The certification was provided through Norlift in Spokane. The one day class covered PPE/Safety, inspections, repair, mechanics, load balance and placement, approach, and loading on and off of trailers. The material was taught in a classroom setting with video instruction to supplement, and a course test finished the class, including an obstacle course. The test required them to inspect and drive a forklift through a slalom course of cones forward and backward, and lift an empty pallet and move it.
Both Timothy and Christopher passed the forklift tests and are now OSHA certified operators. Timothy and Christopher want to use their certifications to help guide the next steps on their career paths. Presently, both still work at Skils’kin, and for the time being, the Commercial Service department has helped develop two highly skilled employees.
If you’re a Skils’kin employee and want to further your skills personally or professionally ask your manager about the Skils’kin Education Reimbursement fund.

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