Quilting Community

For the past three years, Debra Hays has been a Community Inclusion (CI) member with Skils’kin. She has joined several community groups throughout Spokane with some assistance from CI Specialists. These activities are specialized in her interests and help enhance her skills and independence. Through the years Debra has participated in many activities, but for the past year and a half, she has been consistently attending the Corbin Senior Center quilting group, The Sandbox Quilters.
As a member of The Sandbox Quilters Debra has grown in her sewing, cross stitching, and quilting abilities, but more importantly, she has grown as a community member. The Sandbox Quilters are a close-knit group. Every week they meet and have lunch and help each other. Debra says that this is one of her favorite parts of the group. As Debra has become more independent she has gotten better at asking for help. The other women in the group assist Debra in her quilting projects and help make sure she is able to get on her bus safely. In return, Debra provides help for others where she can. She enjoys being able to offer her opinion on quilting patterns when others in the group ask for input. She was also able to inform one of the members of what the process of receiving DDA services was, as that member was preparing to do so for one of her family members.
Debra’s experiences with The Sandbox Quilters have helped her move toward independence. She expressed how she felt stronger in her social skills and how she continues to use them throughout her life. Debra is truly engaged in her community.

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