Preparation Through Transition

The transition out of the school system is an exciting and stressful time for all. It is a real landmark of success and the beginning of a new chapter. The changes and choices quickly start to define what your life will look like at this time, but there is a great deal of relief if there is a plan established. Setting goals and a direction for your life after school can be overwhelming, so knowing what the next steps are as you meet them allows for greater and easier success for all.
The variety of transition programs throughout the Spokane school districts is vast, making for great access to all who utilize it. In these programs, teachers work with their students to start thinking about life after school. This personalization means students can prepare for the choices they make. Whether it is working, going back to school, or starting their own business, these teachers are willing to explore all options in order to find what will be successful for their student.
Aubra Pollack is the Capstone teacher at Cheney high school. The Capstone program is meant to assist students with the transition from public school into the adult world. The Capstone team is dedicated to each and every student. They provide oversight, one-on-one training, transportation assistance, personally oversee the work experience and make each day a new and fun experience. Through these experiences and coaching, one of Aubra’s students had a clear idea of what he wanted to do after high school. For this young man, all the support he needed were available as he was connected with the lead grounds staff at the Fairchild Air Force Base. As he and Aubra met with the Skils’kin staff it became clear that through the Capstone program’s deep teaching and coaching out of high school they had supplied Skils’kin’s teams with many excellent employees.
Through dedication and planning the high school transition may be traversed easily before it is finished. With the right care and mindset, plans can be set to start reaching goals that will determine life after high school.

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