A Day in the Life of Bethany Junkins

A Day in the Life…

Any job can be learned in a variety of ways. Preparation may come in the form of higher education or specialized training. Many positions require on the job training, and often on the job training is taught through shadowing another employee.

Marketing wanted to showcase some of the ins and outs of the Employment Department. The best way to fully understand the work done by the Employment Advisors and Skills Trainers is by shadowing an employee. Recently, Bethany Junkins was recorded for a full day of work to represent the department and inform the Skils’kin community of their dynamic and important work.

Here is a peek into Bethany’s full and fulfilling day at work!


Why We Work: Ron Whitney

Ron Whitney shared his story of why he works. Contact WhyWeWork@skils-kin.org to participate in the Why We Work Campaign.


Northeast Community Garden Clean-up Day

Northeast Community Center Garden Clean-up Day with Community Inclusion Specialist Jessica Turner and Donald Havens


Why We Work: One Word

A continuation of the Why We Work Campaign. We asked our constituents to answer the question “Why do you work” in one word. The results were exciting and reflect the diversity of purpose and work.


Why We Work Trailer

Why We Work is a campaign highlighting the institute of work. Through storytelling and deep connections, we will uncover parts of the truth of why we all work. In order to discover that we need to know why you work. In this campaign everyone’s opinion and experience is valuable.
We are encouraging anybody to participate in the Why We Work campaign. For any inquiries or submissions please contact WhyWeWork@skils-kin.org.


Skils’kin Shorts – Anxiety

Skils’kin Shorts are short, organic stories that showcase Skils’kin employees and subjects close to our work. In this short, Skils’kin Melody Deatherage discusses anxiety symptoms and coping skills, drawing from her personal experience.


Skils’kin Shorts – Empathy

In this Skils’kin Short, Skils’kin employees Megan Curran and Liz Mascarin discuss the importance of empathy in the workplace.


Skils’kin Shorts – Building Relationships

Skils’kin Shorts are short, organic stories that showcase Skils’kin employees and subjects close to our work. In this short, Skils’kin employees Albert, Tony, Ian, and David discuss the importance of support and building relationships in the workplace.


SNAP Energy Assistance Video – Skils’kin Productions

Skils’kin’s video production team collaborated with SNAP to put together this PSA on SNAP’s Energy Assistance Program.



Spokane Rotary Club 21 Partners for Work Interview Event

Spokane Rotary Club 21’s Partners for Work Interview event connects the business and disability communities to uncover opportunities and introduce talent for business solutions. The next Partners for Work Interview Event will be held on Tuesday, April 24th from 3:00 – 5:30 pm at The Philanthropy Center at 1020 W. Riverside Ave, Spokane. If you are an individual with a disability who receives DDA and/or DVR services and would like to participate in the next interview event, contact Tami Dillon at TDillon@skils-kin.org.



We Are Skils’kin



Inclusive Employment at KHQ

Inclusive employment creates a better workplace for everyone, and the KHQ Local News team is seeing these improvements firsthand.



Returned with a Chorus: The Daniel Ibach Story

For the past several years, Daniel Ibach has experienced the power of inclusive employment while working at the Taco Time in Millwood, WA, a place where, when Daniel sings out his name, he is returned with a chorus. Be sure to check out the written version of Daniel’s story on our blog as well.



Community Access: Enriching Our Community

Skils’kin partnered with Polka Dot Pottery, the Spokane Salvation Army, Crosswalk, Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels, Southwest Spokane Community Center and Pace Services to produce this video highlighting the power of community access programs and inclusivity in our communities.



The Purpose Video

In this video, eight individuals from Skils’kin discuss the various ways that they have been able to find purpose and meaningful employment at Skils’kin. The individuals featured explain what motivates them, what values they most align with, and how they hope to inspire other individuals, among other topics.



A Day Without Limitations

On April 22nd, 2017, individuals from Skils’kin’s Community Living Services (CLS) program participated in the Courageous Kids Climbing event at Wild Walls in downtown Spokane. At this event, local firefighters and volunteers provided supports that enabled children and individuals with disabilities to scale the facility’s various climbing walls.



Cody Roller: Ready for Hire

Cody is a dependable, driven individual seeking his next employment opportunity where he can shred paper, greet customers, or stock shelves. If you or someone you know is looking to add a charismatic and reliable individual to your team, contact Bonnie Sinclair at (509)-218-6167 or at BSinclair@skils-kin.org.



Christine Ferries: Ready for Hire

Christine Ferries is an organized, engaging, and reliable individual seeking her next employment opportunity. Watch the video below to see Christine’s warm personality and learn from those close to her about her experiences with employment.



Steps for Autism

Join the ISAAC Foundation, Northwest Autism Center, and Autism Society of Washington – Spokane Chapter at the 3rd annual Steps for Autism 5k!

This walk and run will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Riverfront Park. In addition to the 5k, there will also be food vendors and entertainment booths, including a bubble station, a jump house, sensory bins, and more!

To sign up and register a team, click on the following link: https://store.nwautism.org/?product=steps-for-autism-2017



Cami’s Story

As the parent of a child with a disability, one of Cami’s lifelong fears was the question “What’s going to happen to my son when I’m no longer here?” After partnering with Skils’kin’s Community Living Services team, Cami now has the answer to that question.

Listen to Cami’s story, and learn how you too can join our team and find purposeful employment:



CRSA Supported Living Rally 2017

Continued underfunding of community residential services has left supported living providers unable to provide adequate wages for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), the people who assist individuals with disabilities with all aspects of daily living.

Contact your legislators to be a part of this change:

Video produced by Skils’kin on behalf of the CRSA.



Supported Living Care Crisis

Supported living and group homes provide personalized supports for individuals with disabilities while also being the lowest cost option for taxpayers. However, because of the recent minimum wage increase and inadequate state funding in Washington state, agencies have been unable to maintain competitive wages for direct support professionals (DSPs). Statewide employee turnover for DSPs now exceeds 50%, creating an undue burden on the individuals served, whose lives are continually disrupted by the lack of consistency.

The Governor recognizes the importance of this crisis and has included funds in his proposed budget that will allow for improved DSP wages. Approval of this budget would be a big step towards ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the consistent, quality care they deserve.



Shaun Hegney Launches Career at Spokane Falls Community College

In November 2016, Shaun Hegney secured a position at Spokane Falls Community College, ending an arduous two and a half year job search. To hear Shaun’s story, check out the video below.



Partners for Work Interview Event – November 2016

On November 10th, 29 individuals, including six clients from Skils’kin, participated in the Partners for Work Interview Event at the Empire Health Philanthropy Center. Each participant received two panel interviews with eight potential employers. There were professionals representing companies such as Seven2, Numerica Credit Union, Embassy Management, KHQ, Avista, and Comcast. There were over 25 employers represented, and 30 participants received interviews. To see a video of the event, as well as participants’ reactions, check out the video below.



Partners for Work Video Résumé

Skils’kin collaborated with Spokane Rotary Club 21’s Partners for Work program and ENSO employment to produce this video résumé for Jasmine.



David, Pizza Hut, and Skils’kin

David Petsch is the undisputed “boxing champion” of Spokane area Pizza Huts. For over 20 years, David has worked with Pizza Hut, where he expertly folds pizza boxes and performs other miscellaneous tasks amongst his Pizza Hut family. To share in David’s successes, check out the video below.



Regis Salons and Skils’kin

Skils’kin and Regis Salons collaborated in September 2016 to support an exceptional individual in a remarkable way. To see the story, check out the video below.



2015 Tom Miller Award for Advocacy (2014) – John Lemus

This award recognizes an employee with a significant disability who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and remarkable passion for self-advocacy on a local and/or national level. John Lemus, who won this award in 2014, is Skils’kin’s Community Relations Facilitator.



2015 Rotary Club #21, Partners for Work

Partners for Work (PfW) creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. As a joint effort between Rotary Club of Spokane and INSHRM, PfW utilizes Rotarian and INSHRM business leadership as vital links between job candidates and paid work.