Mind for Mechanics

Ron Tenderholt has been a fixture in the Skils’kin Commercial Services crew for many years. His start with Skils’kin actually dates back to the Pre-Vocational program in 1976. As a long-term committed worker, Ron has taken on several jobs and has proven his ability to learn.
Steve McBride, VP of Commercial Services, has taken note of Ron and all of his experiences and abilities. He especially noticed his keen mind for mechanics in the past year. With that in mind, Steve wanted to see what he was capable, and how it could be used further. Steve decided to set a broken vacuum cleaner in front of Ron, showed him the basic mechanics of the belts and bars, and let him work. Within half an hour Ron had the vacuum back in full working order.
Since then Ron has become Skils’kin’s Commercial Services Parts Guru. Ron now continually maintains and cleans the vacuums the crews use—cutting out the regular service cost of associated with a third party vendor, roughly $1000 annually.
Steve and Ron shared trust and willingness to try something new. This was an experiment and makes for a great in-house example of the capability of a person with a disability finding a new set of skills, succeeding, and cutting costs for the company.
If you’re interested in finding solutions to on-going needs in your company contact Steve McBride at 509.326.6760 x 2579 to discuss the multitude of Skils’kin’s talent pools and how they can affect your business.

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