John L. Hennessy Pins Awarded to Skils’kin Staff

The John L. Hennessy Award is a global competition measuring food service excellence at Air Force dining facilities. The program reflects the dedication, pride, and fellowship of the foodservice industry at Air Force bases. The award measures sustained excellence in food service management, force readiness support, food quality, employee and customer relations, resource conservation, training, and safety. Skils’kin’s AbilityOne food service operation at the Altus Oklahoma Air Force Base underwent rigorous preparation to excel during the judges’ three-day evaluation of their dining facility.
In order to prepare for this inspection the Skils’kin team, Aramark team, and military staff felt the need to expect the unexpected. They began by assembling a list of extensive tasks to completed before the inspection. These tasks included extra power washing, cleaning vents, and door hinges, as well as shampooing carpets in the office areas. These additional items were all done on top of the exceptional and detailed cleaning the Altus team keeps up. The three days leading up to the judges’ arrival were hectic and chaotic in employees’ words, but the effort was worth it once the judges arrived. During their stay and inspection of the dining hall, they were thoroughly impressed by the facility and the manner in which it was run. From top to bottom the Altus facility met the judges’ expectations and they were truly wowed by the personable staff operating the dining hall. After the inspection, nine John L. Hennessy pins were awarded to staff members, three of them being from Skils’kin. Amber Barker, Brandi Spriggs, and Shawntoya Darville were the pinned Skils’kin employees. They felt proud and deserving of this honor as they work to exceed expectations every day they come to work, regardless of a panel of judges.
The results of the John L. Hennessy Award will not be known until March of 2019, but the accolades already received are noteworthy. Food Services Project Manager, Amber Barker, said the week was crunch time, they had a higher guest count than ever before, and it was all hands on deck. Amber and her staff pulled through and deserve the pins and praise the judges offered.

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