person who is blind at work environment

Intrinsic Value

People who are blind or visually impaired are employed in many diverse jobs as those who are in the sighted workforce. As the National Federation of the Blind explains “One of the most damaging stereotypes about blindness is the belief that the blind are limited to specific and finite “list” of jobs that blind people can do. Even when we hear about a blind person who is doing something new or novel, we can either discount it, or we just add one more “job that blind people can do” to our list. Seldom do we rethink our erroneous assumptions about blindness.”
Clarisa has been employed for just over a month at Light House for the Blind. The first thing I notice about Clarisa is her big personality; she is quick and witty. She is working in production of white boards with a team member. Clarisa is eager to share her story and states “Work helps me engage with other people. I feel like I am giving back to society, community and the Military. I’m not sitting at home alone, I have value”. The management at the Light House for the Blind is supportive and makes her feel like an important part of the team.
Clarisa lost her eyesight as an adult, but nothing can stop her. Clarisa said “Meeting people makes life interesting and being around people and having goals is the key to happiness.” Greg Szabo, Director of Public Relations and Development said “Creating independence in peoples’ lives motivates me to work harder and longer to create change.” Two non-profits came together and enhanced a life. Employment makes a difference.

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