Individual Supported Employment

Individual Supported Employment

Skils’kin offers Individual Supported Employment services to help people with disabilities find inclusive, integrated jobs that fit their abilities and interests. We work with individuals—who are typically referred to us by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation—to determine their strengths and skills and provide resume and job development services. From the start of the job search process to continuing coaching and retention, we are here to guide and support our individuals.

Jobs within our communities are competitive. The work we do within our Individual Supported Employment services gives our enrollees the edge they need not only to connect with employers and receive a job offer but also to maintain their employment so they can live more independent lives.

What Are Individual Supported Employment Services?

Skils’kin Employment Services prepares people for employment opportunities. We begin with a robust discovery process to build a roadmap for job seekers to focus on their individual goals, passions, and career. Our diverse and passionate team provides tailor-made services and supports to ensure win-win relationships for both the employee and employer.

What’s Included in Skils’kin’s Individual Supported Employment Services?

When you sign up for our Individual Supported Employment services, we will help you:

• Write your resume and cover letter
• Learn how to interview well
• Assess various workplaces in the community to find the right fit
• Look for a job
• Connect with employers
• Learn new skills with on-site training
• Continue to succeed while employed with job coaching
• Apply for services with the DVR
• Understand how earned income can affect your benefits
• Identify additional Developmental Disabilities Administration and Social Security Administration resources, and much more

Our individualized services are designed to guide you through your employment journey.

Let’s get started! Contact us today to enroll and learn more.


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