In Memory of Whittney Hoon

On September 25th, 2018 Whittney Hoon passed away. Whittney was a longtime associate and partner of Skils’kin and had many connections to our community. Starting in 2002, Whittney was a part of Skils’kin’s Group Supported Employment program at the Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane. Whittney was a custodian on the training crew. She took on projects throughout the base, but she was the rare custodian that actually liked to clean bathrooms. Professional Development Specialist, Leona Eubank, recalls Whittney working on the base, wearing a blue apron carrying her bucket to the bathroom, and her singing voice serenading down the hallway from wherever she worked.
At work when learning and taking on new tasks, Whittney found things to make the most sense when it was made into a game or a puzzle. Whittney would wear the backpack vacuum and show off to her supervisors as she prepared to clean her hallways. And later while working in the Pre-Vocational program, the assembly work and hospital kits she prepared were like puzzles Whittney mastered over time. Whittney worked this way because she had a love for life and others that was a part of everything she did.
Whittney was good at making people feel important, and it was important to Whittney that she made people feel good. Always known as the socialite while working at Skils’kin everyone loved to cross paths with her or work in the same area. Whittney made several special friends at Skils’kin. People she would talk with on breaks and make jokes with while working made up a community at her place of work.
Once Whittney moved into Community Inclusion with Skils’kin she took up many different activities. From bowling to volunteering at the Spark Center Whittney was building relationships and making a community for herself. Over time challenges came up, and Skils’kin saw less of Whittney. By the end of her time with Community Inclusion Whittney slowed down and her family wanted to make sure she was comfortable at home. But Whittney left behind a legacy of warm joy and personal growth that will stay in all of our memories for years to come.

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