In Memory of Gerri Moore

Gerri Moore was Skils’kin’s Community Relations Facilitator from 1997 to 2010. She was an integral team member during that time and helped shape Skils’kin as it is today. Her role meant she took ownership of Skils’kin’s outward facing messages as a marketer, as well as the internal activities as a curator of culture.
Gerri is remembered at Skils’kin for the community impact she had on many different groups. She was always willing to step in as the front desk receptionist when needed. Her calming presence and joyful outward expression made her an excellent person to greet everyone who came to the Boone Office. She also helped coordinate meetings for the Board of Directors. Her professionalism and readiness to coordinate and accommodate ensured the Board of Directors’ meetings were engaging and meaningful. She also developed a voice for Skils’kin as she began to communicate to the valuable constituents and advocates in the Spokane community through the monthly Skils’kin newsletter and annual report. These publications have continued to help solidify Skils’kin’s identity to this day. Finally, for rest the Skils’kin employees, she was always best remembered as the event planner. Annually at the holiday party or the summer BBQs, Gerri created events that connected employees to each other and to the culture of working at Skils’kin.
Aside from the impactful work she did at Skils’kin, Gerri is remembered as a friend. She always had a bright smile and had a great sense of humor. She didn’t drive but people didn’t mind picking her up to go places because she was great company and such a good conversationalist.
Gerri’s connections to Skils’kin run deep. The work that she did for the company helped shape standards for our community relations to this day. For those who knew her at Skils’kin understood her passion for people and her ability to connect with others. Gerri Moore will always have a lasting legacy at Skils’kin.

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