Impressive Potential

Vaughan has a long history of employment success with Skils’kin. He was an integral member of Skils’kin’s Commercial Services team, and after working with the department for several years, Vaughan decided to look for his next employment opportunity. He interviewed for many jobs but initially faced difficulty finding a good fit.
Last spring, Vaughan’s Employment Advisor, Sarah Ann Trenn, invited Vaughn to Rotary Club 21’s Partners for Work Interview event. At the event, Vaughan met keynote speaker Holly Bahme-Lytle, the Founder and Executive Director of the Isaac Foundation. Holly was impressed with Vaughan’s energy and enthusiasm, so she offered him an internship to work at her nonprofit on the spot.
For the past several months, Vaughan has worked for the Isaac Foundation as an intern. His tasks include data entry, filing, and general office administrative work. He also does project work, such as creating centerpieces for fundraising events. Through his work, Vaughan continued to impress – so much so that Holly offered Vaughan a full-time position at the Isaac Foundation, which Vaughan has accepted.
Now, Vaughan is building his résumé and connecting with a nonprofit that is making a huge difference in our community and in his life.
Congratulations, Vaughan, on your successful employment.

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