Impacting our Community: Anne Cutler’s Story

Anne Cutler, an individual served in Skils’kin’s Community Inclusion program, has found a creative way to make a difference in the Spokane community.
Since 2014, Anne has volunteered at Crosswalk, a multi-service shelter for homeless and at-risk youth. At Crosswalk, Anne works in the kitchen to prepare lunch for the youth in the shelter, and after serving the food, Anne sits with the teenagers to have lunch with them. Through this volunteerism, Anne has developed a strong rapport with the teenagers and made meaningful impacts. She has also overcome many of her own barriers and become much more independent – so independent, in fact, that Anne no longer needs assistance from her employment support specialist, Michelle Wright, at this location.

Anne preparing food at Crosswalk

Last September, Anne and Michelle began looking for more opportunities for Anne to integrate with the community. With the winter months approaching, Anne was concerned for the teenagers at Crosswalk who do not have hats and scarves to keep them warm, so she decided to start a knitting group called Hats and Scarves of Love.
Anne’s knitting group of eight women work together to make hats and scarves for the at-risk youth at Crosswalk. The group has met every other week since September, knitting throughout the winter to ensure that the teenagers at the shelter have warm hats and scarves. To date, the knitting group has made and delivered 150 hats to Crosswalk.
Through these volunteer efforts, Anne is building friendships, overcoming barriers, and developing independence – all while meaningfully giving back to our community.

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