Professional headshot of Cameron Finn, a participant in Skils'kin's Employment Services program

Guidance to Employment

Cameron Finn, a participant in Skils’kin’s Employment Services program, recently gained employment as a warehouse worker at Caterpillar Inc., highlighting the power of perseverance and meaningful support.
Cameron originally applied for a Commercial Services position with Skils’kin. However, Skils’kin Employment Advisor Sarah Ann Trenn met with Cameron and recognized his talent and thought that she could place him in a growth opportunity. Sarah took Cameron to a Caterpillar hiring fair.
During a tour of the Caterpillar facility, Cameron took the initiative to create his own working interview and display his skills. He began completing some of the functions of the job by rearranging products by bar codes, which left a strong impression on the Caterpillar representatives. Soon after, Cameron received a job offer, which he accepted.
Before coming to Skils’kin, Cameron had been looking for work for an extended period of time without finding any opportunities to interview. This interview with Caterpillar, however, was Cameron’s first interview with Skils’kin at his side.
“I didn’t find opportunities with other agencies,” Cameron explained, “but my first interview with Skils’kin was a great fit. Thank you, Sarah, for finding the right job for me.”
The individuals Skils’kin represents meet and exceed the demands of the workplace, but they do not always get the opportunity to show their expertise. Skils’kin, however, creates these opportunities. Sarah connected Cameron to a workplace where she knew Cameron could thrive, and Cameron did the rest by demonstrating initiative, professionalism, and proficiency.
Sometimes, all we need is extra guidance and support on our path to success. In such times, Skils’kin is there to provide supports when they are needed most.
Congratulations to Cameron and Sarah for their collaboration and resulting success.

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