Good For The Environment, Good For Business

Skils’kin thrives on collaboration. In almost every aspect of the company, Skils’kin works with others to ensure they are provided the best services and products. Seeking collaboration ensures new ideas are heard and different perspectives are seen, and often enough the solutions found benefit everyone involved. Recently the Commercial Services department experienced this success through partnering with great people. Kure Products is Commercial Services newest project.
Kure is a company that sells elegant and sustainable shower dispensers. Mainly, Kure products are found in hotels and spas across the world. Their dispensers are top of the line for guests’ experience and housekeeping staff alike, and they are simply beautiful. Beyond the good looks and convenience of a Kure dispenser, they serve to impact a deeper global mission, helping the environment. Every day over 500,000 plastic amenity bottles are put into North American landfills. Kure works to lower this number with every dispenser sold. A single Kure dispenser in a hotel setting can help save over 600 plastic bottles in a year. For a 200-room hotel, that’s 2,000 pounds of plastic.
Values speak volumes to us at Skils’kin, and social commitment goes both ways in partnerships. Kure was able to find Skils’kin online and was instantly drawn to the idea of working with a non-profit, supporting jobs for adults with disabilities. After speaking on the phone with Steve McBride, VP of Commercial Services, Jan McDougal, Founder of Kure Products, flew to Spokane the next week for a better feel for the operation. After meeting Jan, Steve quickly identified her as a visionary. With a mission to reduce single-use bottles, Kure is ahead of their time in a world of cheap-looking plastic. Skils’kin’s production facilities were capable of helping Kure in their mission and would reduce shipping costs along the way. But before the deal was done, Skils’kin’s Quality Assurance team was able to ease any concern with a variety of tools available. Because Skils’kin is a federal contractor our QA processing is of the highest degree and can be adapted to a commercial project such as Kure’s.
With orders coming into Commercial Services the team began to outfit and customize their operations to seek out efficiency at every point. The Skils’kin community came together to find solutions and create accommodations for the commercial services crew. From Pat Paul, an in-house engineer, consulting on a machine to set the windows on the dispensers’ bodies perfectly every time, to Amanda Vazquez, Employment Supervisor, developing a cutting tool for adhesive strips with greater efficiency, the Kure project was coming together well. Utilizing every aspect of Skils’kin’s team each order has gone out on time, with attention to detail that is above and beyond.
With Kure ahead of the curve in the dispenser industry Commercial Services continues to dial in their assembly process to meet their ordering needs. Skils’kin highly anticipates Kure to continue to grow. Sustaining the environment is changing every industry and Skils’kin is ready to scale right alongside Kure, meeting all of their production needs.

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