Frigid Times

Grand Forks North Dakota is not exactly known for its moderate weather. The summers are hot and the winters are colder. In fact, while this is being written it’s sunny with a high of -5⁰F and a low of -11⁰F. For the past month, this has been the average. Due to this extreme weather, even by Grand Forks’ standards, businesses all over town have been closed as a precaution for employees. The same applies to Skils’kin’s employees at the Airey Dining Facility in the Grand Forks Air Force Base. Yet the dining hall must remain open to feed the Airmen and women on base.
With a limited number of workers from the agencies that serve the dining hall available, those that were there witnessed collaboration between the teams that showed a deeper mission that they all shared. Between Skils’kin, Aramark, and the military staff on base roughly fifteen people came together to share the responsibilities keeping the dining hall operational during these closures. From military staff helping out with dishes and running the registers, to Aramark staff helping with snow removal and serving, the present members of the facility were operating as one whole team.
While washing dishes Skils’kin Dining Project Manager Christie Johnson recalls Aramark’s Chef Dan Horski approaching her just to say “Thank you, I really appreciate you.” It was unexpected, and it reminded her that no ones’ hard work goes unnoticed.
Aramark manager Jim Maides also stepped up by creating a plan of action ensuring crew members’ safety through jumpstarting cars, planning carpools, and even picking up an employee’s mother to take both of them home safely.
At the end of the day, the leadership team between all three of these entities wanted safety for their employees and to continue operations and serve the men and women of the Air Force Base. Under extreme weather conditions, everyone involved rose to the task and guaranteed results. Thank you to our loyal workers, and please continue to stay safe during these frigid times.

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