This morning’s message is from VP of Strategy and Innovation, Amanda Cross.

Good morning everyone, happy Monday.

Mondays normally have me thinking about the week to come, what needs to be tackled, and getting organized to do so. But today, I’m reflecting on what we have accomplished together this year.

We have been hard at work over the 12 months to achieve our first-year strategic plan goals. These goals were created to help us strive for greatness. To be a great company, and work towards fulfilling our mission, vision, and values. Needless to say, that was a big lift!

I think now is a great time to celebrate our successes.

For us to reach our goals, each of us must live every one of our values. Even in our shortcomings, we’ve lived our value of accountability to have the courage to dig in and uncover the hurdles that caused us to stumble. In my mind, this process also was a success. Where we fail, there is an opportunity to learn and use that to inform our decisions moving forward.

On the attached flyer you will find a summary of our year one strategic plan goal progress, achievements, and what to look for in the coming year.  It is impossible to capture in a single page all the tremendous effort put in; in one of the most tumultuous years no less.  It really is astonishing and I couldn’t be prouder of our organization. It is important to recognize that each and every one of you has played a part in our success.

We have another big year ahead of us, with a lot to accomplish. My ask of you is to lean in; help us move forward. It can be as simple as participating in our surveys, sharing our stories on social media, or talking to your friends about Skils’kin. Of course, if you are interested in helping with a bigger lift, ask your manager how you can help and bring it on!

Thank you for your persistence this last year, and thank you in advance for the successes of the upcoming year!