Finding Talent

Lisa Russell is the General Manager at McDonald’s on 29th in Spokane. She has worked at various McDonalds for the past fifteen years as she recently transitioned to Spokane from Idaho. In that time she has worked her way up to the position she currently holds. Lisa built a very successful store in South Spokane through high standards, strong people skills, and an attitude that is directed towards coaching, correcting, inspiring, leading and developing an amazingly diverse group of people. Yet, in the fast food industry there is a high turnover rate and regular new hires, and for that reason, several of Skils’kin’s job seekers are valuable staff members to a manager like Lisa. While she is willing to invest in her employees not all of them are willing to take her guidance and grow in their positions.
Liz Mascarin is one of Skils’kin’s Employment Advisors. She prides herself for being a business-minded job developer. Liz was able to engage with Lisa and demonstrate how partnering with Skils’kin could truly benefit her restaurant. She was able to address Lisa’s needs and introduce her to Bob Parry, her new lunchtime prep worker. Bob was ready to work and commit to his position. As time passed Lisa had positions continue to open and close, but Bob remained. Liz recognized Lisa’s need for reliable employees, and soon Marci Kagele and Fallon Ford joined the team.
When we interviewed Lisa, she told us about her team and how happy she has been with everyone. Bob, Marci, and Fallon are independent in their roles, and she is seeing room for growth in everyone. Each of the employees have opened up to Lisa and other staff, and through their investment, all of them won employee of the week at some point. She says they truly are exceptional employees because she can rely on them. When she assigns them to a shift she has full confidence that they will be there, and that is the peace of mind she needs. Yet beyond these employees as individuals, Lisa says she’s seen a cultural shift her in her store. All of her employees have a better understanding of people’s needs, they are communicating better, they know how to address change and move forward as a team.
General Managers are responsible for the pace and rhythm of their store. The manager’s ability to hire the right workers, schedule the right shifts, and create workflows makes up the core of a business’s ability to run. Lisa made a more consistent staff through the hires she made. It integrated higher levels of accountability and standards of work, just as it created comradery and a culture of communication. A manager is meant to inspire a team of diverse people, they learn and grow with them. Lisa has led her team towards success while tapping into a valuable talent pool.

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