Finding Deeper Connections

Anthony Vela’s job is a custodian on Skils’kin’s commercial services crew. He is well spoken, engaging, thorough in his work, and is passionate about many things outside of his job. How Anthony aligned his passions of prop making and costume design with his custodial position isn’t clear from the onset, but it is the deeper connections that Skils’kin offers to make that prioritize an individual’s goals.
After beginning his position in commercial services in 2018 Anthony worked on installing soap dispensers and providing janitorial services. While every project he had worked on was important, currently he is working on the team servicing the Spokane Civic Theatre, and this makes all the difference for Anthony’s goals. Through his work at the theater, he has been able to build relationships with most of the staff at the theater and express his interest in working in the costume and prop studio. The staff at the theater encouraged him to create a portfolio of his work, which the Skils’kin Marketing department worked with him to assemble. Anthony hopes to begin volunteering for the Civic Theatre’s production of Young Frankenstein to show his dedication to the theater, and to keep his foot in the door when the right position opens up.
Anthony expressed that it was really easy to become familiar with the theater through his custodial position and had become a recognizable face. He also thanked the marketing department for working with him and teaching him some professional points on how to present himself and continue to build his portfolio. As he volunteers and waits for a position to open up he appreciates the fact that they will know where to find him, as he is a fixture in the theater at this point.
Working towards a goal is always a long process, but that doesn’t mean some shortcuts don’t exist. Through Anthony’s position and ability to meet the right people he is putting himself on the right track to break into a difficult field for most to pursue. Keep up the dedication Anthony.

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  • CORY THOMES February 5, 2019   Reply →

    Hi my name is CORY THOMES & I have been working for this comany almost 4 years now & it is the best work place I work for !
    #1# It don’t push presser on a employe if can’t do that job postion & will help you find right postion to put you in #1#
    #2# The mangers are not scared to hire deaf or hearing people that has problems find work that have good back ground #2#
    #3# Mangers try to help employees to get a job goal they are trying to get at diffent places if employees want to prove their job skills to some thing new #3#

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