Sorretie Driving at new job

Driving Goals

Goals are not ordinarily achieved overnight. When setting large goals in life there are smaller sections that build-up to the achievement. Along the way, there are many barriers and whether it’s right or wrong it’s up to you to overcome them. At Skils’kin, we celebrate when these goals are met and showcase the success and opportunities that follow a well-earned achievement.
Sorretie Jaro has been a long-time Skils’kin client for the past five years. First as Project SEARCH student, then transitioning into Skils’kin’s employment department. In the past Sorretie has gained employment at Sacred Heart Hospital, at Student First as a Staff Trainer, and at Hello Sugar, with some assistance from her Skils’kin support staff. Sorretie is an accomplished worker and a true advocate in our community.
Obtaining a driver’s license has been a goal of Sorretie’s for many years. During that time she has been positioning herself for success by budgeting the costs of the process and understanding what knowledge she felt she was still in need of. The largest obstacle between her and this goal has been the cost of driving school. After saving up from her previous paid fellowship, with Informing Families, Sorretie was able to enroll in the Interface Driving Academy. In April 2019 she began classes and began to gather the knowledge she felt she was missing. The academy was holistic in their approach to driving and gave Sorretie the tools to learn. Through their interactive software, Sorretie was able to learn through video simulation to deeply understand the rules of the road. She was also given study materials and a structure to follow along, ensuring she could prepare to pass her tests. After finishing her course at Interface, Sorretie went on to pass her written test on her first try. She then passed her driving test on her second try, and on August 9th she was eligible for a driver’s license in Washington State.
A driver’s license is a critical certification and tool in many situations. It opens the doors to new jobs and creates a level of control in life. After achieving the goal of getting her license, Sorretie capitalized on this opportunity and got a new job that required a license. She is now working at DAA Northwest as a Sale Day Driver. As a Sale Day Driver Sorretie is using her driving skills to safely transport vehicles into the auction barn. “It feels different being behind the wheel,” Sorretie says about her job. There is a new level of responsibility and independence in her life that came along with her license. The work that Sorretie put in to get her license has paid off and she was able to take the next steps in her career.
Like usual, with new opportunities come new goals. While Sorretie has her license and drives for work she does not have a car of her own yet. Gaining control over her schedule and her life will take time, but Sorretie is the kind of person to stay on track. She has already begun saving for a car and is setting new goals for how she wants to use it. With this new goal in mind, Sorretie thinks of the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. She will continue to take control of her schedule, in her work and her personal life. She plans on driving herself to Wenatchee next June for the annual Community Summit. With control over her transportation, she’ll be able to take herself to places she’s never been to before and determine where her life will take her from here.

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