Dining Hall Hangar 97 Wins John L. Hennessy Trophy Award

The John L. Hennessy Award is a global competition measuring food service excellence at Air Force dining facilities. The program reflects the dedication, pride, and fellowship of the foodservice industry at Air Force bases. The award measures sustained excellence in food service management, force readiness support, food quality, employee and customer relations, resource conservation, training, and safety. Recently, Skils’kin’s AbilityOne food service operation, Hangar 97 at the Altus Oklahoma Air Force Base, underwent rigorous judgment for three days as their dining facility was evaluated. During that evaluation, three Skils’kin employees were pinned for their outstanding performance—read their story here.
After over a month of waiting the results came in and Hangar 97 of Altus Air Force Base was selected as the Region 2 (West) winner of the John L. Hennessy Trophy Award for exceptional hospitality and service. This award represents the hard work and collaboration the Altus team exercises on a daily basis. It is truly a special recognition that required exceptional work to accomplish. Skils’kin is proud to contribute to Hangar 97 and Altus Air Force Base’s success and recognizes it would not be possible without the coordination provided by AbilityOne.
All teams collaborated to achieve this award. They continue to contribute not just to Skils’kin’s mission of enriching the lives of adults with disabilities, but also to the missions of the Air Force and Aramark. Amber Barker, the Project Manager of the Altus Food Service operation, explains how her team was able to achieve this trophy, “When you hand good people possibility, they do great things and that is the case of this gathering of employees here in Altus. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”
Congratulations to Hangar 97, Amber and her entire crew for bringing this great achievement the Altus Air Force Base, AbilityOne, and Skils’kin.

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