Courageous Kids Climbing Visits Spokane

“Climbing is about overcoming challenges and gaining new perspectives. Climbing has taught me that I am stronger and more capable than I think. It helps me put “real life” challenges into perspective. The lesson isn’t about getting to the top; it’s about the struggles and successes along the way. A rock wall, a rope, and a climbing partner are excellent teachers in confronting fears, overcoming perceived limitations, and practicing the art of teamwork. None of us get through lifealone, just like no one climbs alone.”-Megan Curran

Megan Curran, Director of AbilityOne Food Service Operations is a passionate person and fortunately, she has no hesitation to share her passions with others. Megan began rock climbing in 2014 and has worked with Courageous Kids Climbing since 2015. Jeff Riechmann, along with Larry Morton, founded Courageous Kids Climbing 14 years ago. Now it is an incorporated non-profit since April of this year. Jeff and Megan were two of several volunteers at Courageous Kids Climbing at the YMCA in Spokane Valley on, Saturday, September 14th in the early afternoon.

The climbing wall awaits as miscellaneous equipment lay nearby. Jeff explains, “I can get anyone up there as long as the are 3 months to 103 years old and weigh less than 300 pounds. Then he continued, “If there are problems, I have around $10,000 in equipment to help me.”

Bradyn and Kellan are a couple of the courageous kids here to climb. Kellan first tried the arc harness, a seated platform that is on ropes. He ascended past the halfway mark. Then when he joined us on the ground; he was ready to go back up, but with just the harness for aid. He made use of any grip he could and he ascended more than his previous climb. As he reached for each hold not only was determination in his eyes, so was happiness. His strength and determination was focused on the ascent.

Climber 2, Bradyn is visually impaired but also an unstoppable daredevil. He ascended multiple times and did every route except the most difficult one. His mother, Lizzy, said that he first climbed when he was 4 and now he is almost 10, Bradyn is devoted to this sport and leads a very active lifestyle.

He goes to every Courageous Kids Climbing event and Lizzy said that they are looking for someone to train him with outdoor climbing. He strives to be unhindered, free and in control. He also skis, hikes, snow shoes and rides a bike. (He is least fond of snow shoeing). He is ready for any obstacle.

Without people like Megan and Jeff many individuals might not even have a chance to best their limitations. This is good free fun that builds independence and fulfillment. Giving individuals with disabilities the opportunity to prove themselves. Megan stated, ”It’s inspiring to watch adaptive climbers reach new heights. Whether ascending in an Arc Harness or by pulling up their own bodyweight, a climber encounters new sights, textures, and sensations that shake up their everyday perception of the world. Nearly everyone can benefit from this style
of learning.”

Jeff adds, “Courageous Kids Climbing provides me the opportunity to share my love for climbing with those who may not ordinarily have the opportunity to experience climbing. This has proved to be a very rewarding experience. To see a child exceed the expectations of their parents is one of many rewards.”

The events in Spokane take place every April and September. If you would like more information, like other locations, please check Courageous Kids Climbing on Faceboook. Thank you Megan and Jeff for bringing this event to Spokane and allowing Skils’kin to be part of it.

Megan Curran and Jeffrey Riechmann: another day with Courageous Kids Climbing.

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