Community Inclusion Collaborates

Collaboration on a team means to share ideas and resources to accomplish a common goal. The Community Inclusion (CI) team shares a common goal, to provide the best service as often as possible for all of Skils’kin’s individuals. When groups are faced with a lack of resources there are ways to reallocate and strategize time and energy to make its use tenfold. Due to changing staff, and ever-changing client needs, Skils’kin’s CI team needed to review how they were moving forward, and what would make the situation work best. Five team members, one common goal, this is how Skils’kin collaborates.

When working with individuals, allocated hours, a limited number of cars, and a world of possibility there is no one solution to meet everyone’s needs. Things come up and people’s interests change, but setting a foundation of what strategies will work best, and make all resources as available as possible helps us accommodate these changes and unpredictable circumstances. What it all comes down to is communication. Every morning the CI team comes together to understand their schedule for the day. For them, it is second nature to collaborate like this. Obliviously one person cannot do it on their own.

Supervisor Amanda Vazquez sees the CI team as the definition of teamwork, sharing ideas and working to accomplish a common goal. After the staff changes Amanda was ready to be involved and help coordinate the team to success. After the first team meeting, it became clear that Amanda would play a smaller part than she expected. Things worked well, quickly. A group of five professional, mission-driven individuals live out Skils’kin’s vision, making collaboration second nature. They also work to reach beyond the team, looping in-house staff, Case Managers, and individuals to ensure quality service on all fronts. From Amanda’s perspective, it’s about empowering her team to own their schedules and work together to make sure all of Skils’kin’s individuals are served. Through the hard work and dedication of the Community Inclusion team, Skils’kin lives out its values.

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