Commercial Services Partners With G and T Sales Fast Frame Kit Assembly


Commercial Services is always adaptable and ready to take on new projects. G&T Sales has been in the framing business for over 20 years with their The Fast Framer Kit, including all the necessary parts for the construction of small sheds or storage spaces. The kit comes with everything except the lumber. Commercial services developed an assembly system to package together kits, as a trusted partner of G & T Sales. They are manufacturers of Fast Framer Kits, Quick Framer Kits, and Dog House Framer Kits for framing anything you can think of – sheds, greenhouses, tool sheds, wood sheds, window boxes, garden trellis and much more.

If you are interested in local customized assembly, production, and shipping services contact VP of Commercial Services, Steve McBride 509.326.6760 x 2579

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