Chris Cale Imperative Purpose

Chris Cale is an “Equalizer,” meaning he feels empowered when connecting and collaborating with team members to affect the community. Chris is Skils’kin’s Compliance Manager, a CARF Surveyor, and a Navy veteran who constantly is striving to live out his purpose. Chris looks for ways to develop something new to overcome an outstanding problem. As an expert in quality assurance, Chris has always helped Skils’kin use quality as a measuring stick for success, ensuring we reach our goals without any shortcuts on quality.

With a long and varied career like Chris’s, there have been many different purpose filled moments that brought him to Skils’kin. As a Navy veteran of 26 years, Chris spent the majority of his career working in submarines doing quality assurance. This experience of measuring quality began to inform Chris’s perspective. Rather than measuring the quality of a craft, a quality craft became the success—“there wasn’t much room for error on a submarine 400 feet underwater filled with men.”

After retiring from the military, he and his wife decided to move to Spokane to start a new life. But Chris’s retirement soon turned into boredom as he happened upon a temp position at Skils’kin. Skils’kin brought passion back to his professional life. Chris was drawn in by his desire to serve others, similar to his service to his country. After his temporary position, Chris moved into managing Food Service and Grounds on the Fairchild Air Force Base. This position was the first time Chris felt his purpose since the Navy. He was working with a team on every level, ensuring high-quality work, receiving feedback, and experiencing his team’s success. It was rewarding to make an equal playing field for his community and to make a real impact on Skils’kin’s success, and he built meaningful relationships.

After two years of managing Food Service and Grounds for the Air Force Base Chris furthered his career at Skils’kin and applied for a quality assurance position at Skils’kin’s headquarters. Using quality to drive his craft Chris began to build his team with others who were looking for purpose. Chris says he sees Skils’kin acting as a purpose-driven organization based on who is hired. “There is something more at Skils’kin. We seek success for others and find people who are looking for purpose.” Chris now crafts a quality team with people he is able to identify as purpose driven. This kind of investment in high-quality organizations did not go unnoticed when Skils’kin was audited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). Not only did Skils’kin become reaccredited by CARF, but Chris was asked to become a traveling auditor. Chris has gone through CARF’s training and now travels the country assessing and teaching other human-services companies. He has the ability to create a change on a national level by talking to agencies about best practices. Working at this level, and educating others Chris has become aware of the power of storytelling and a digital presence.

Chris’s purpose drives him to seek high-quality work at every opportunity. This drive allows Skils’kin to continue to push boundaries, making for a better product and a better workplace. Chris’s experiences show how purpose can transcend an individual on to new levels, making an impact far beyond one person’s reach, and he is doing just that.

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