Celebrating Cheryl Vaden’s Life

Cheryl Vaden had worked for Skils’kin on a SourceAmerica contract for over 10 years as a cashier. On January 29th she passed away after a long battle with illness. While she worked as a cashier at Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base she was better known for her positive attitude and smile. She was a true team player and the kind of co-worker everyone looked up to. She displayed all of Skils’kin’s values, but especially Relationships, as she formed meaningful connections with our Air Force community. Her supervisor James Pope felt assured that the last interaction most people had in the dining hall would be with Cheryl at the cash register. James also estimated the hundreds of positive customer comment cards he received that raved about her politeness, attitude, and professionalism.
She left a legacy for all of the staff at Malmstrom to try to be the most considerate and thoughtful people they can be. She will always be remembered during the holiday season as she read The Night Before Christmas annually. Last December she was not able to attend the holiday party, but she was missed so badly her team engaged with her by video chat to bring the spirit of her joy to the party. Her co-worker Tracy Reiding has formed a plan to commemorate Cheryl, “We need to put her picture up at our next Christmas party. We also need to put it up at every Christmas party after that because she needs to be there with us.”
Koreen Varty was a co-worker and friend of Cheryl, and I will leave you with the refection of her loss as I feel others who knew Cheryl would share these feelings. “This beautiful lady was not just one of my employee. She was my friend, she was a fighter and she was amazing. No words can describe the loss that we feel. Her smile will be greatly missed. You fought an amazing fight my friend Cheryl Lynn Vaden. You will always be in our hearts. Love always.”

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