Come for the mission – but stay for the culture.

The people here at Skils’kin do more than find opportunities and provide supports for individuals with disabilities – they change conversations and perceptions; they lead the field into bold, exciting new directions; and they empower individuals to live their best life. Whether you have a disability or seek to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, Skils’kin’s culture is here for you. We encourage you to apply for jobs online.

How to Apply for Jobs Online

New Applicants
To get started, just click on the job you are interested in and then press the “START YOUR APPLICATION” button. Enter your name and email address to create an account and begin the application process.
Returning Applicants
Once you have an account, applying for additional positions is easy. Just use the same log in email and the password you used to set up your profile. Simply select the position for which you want to apply and select “START YOUR APPLICATION”.

When the next screen comes up, click on the “I Already Have An Account” button and enter your email and password. You can then submit the application you created previously or update it and then apply to the position.