Accounting Solutions for Supported Living Providers by Paragon

Accounting Solutions for Supported Living Providers by Paragon

History of Residential Care Specialization

Paragon staff have a long history of serving the residential care industry. We specialize in back office accounting solutions for supported living providers, skilled nursing, adult family homes, and other residential locations. We partner with numerous providers that serve clients in these types of settings.

Throughout the United States, Paragon works with providers of supported living programs regardless of location. We understand the need for accurate and timely reporting, individual financial plan tracking, shared expense reconciliations, eligibility reviews, and other processes specific to these populations.

Robust Systems and Processes

Paragon utilizes specialized accounting and case management software that is specifically customized for our back-end services, allowing us to implement collective bank accounts and enhance the client experience. Our system has substantial reporting capabilities that help us track spending and shared housing expenses, and report on activity for each client individually, grouped by housing units and program level. The system also allows for tracking of case notes, contact information, and a full suite of demographic and diagnostic data.

We have also implemented a fully electronic document retention system. This system allows us to capture images for all bills, receipts and other client-related documents, which are then fully searchable and routed to the appropriate staff on our team. This system is secure and backed up regularly.

Trust and Accountability

Paragon’s accounting solutions for supported living providers furnish these benefits:

  • Reduced financial risk, oversight, responsibilities, and costs.
  • Direct communication and reporting to Social Security and State agencies for annual reviews, accounting, audits, and benefit renewals.
  • Full assistance with Individual Financial Plan (IFP) creation and modification.
  • Prompt payment of invoices, distribution of budgeted funds, and as-needed expenditure requests with monthly transactional reporting.
  • Use of pre-paid VISA® debit cards with a full suite of administrative tools that include security alerts, real-time transaction details, and card history.
  • Utilization of a specialized accounting and reporting software to schedule, transact, and track all client income and disbursements.
  • Paperless Scanning Technology

Power in Partnership

We focus on what we do best: excellence in managing the finances of your clients. Partnering with Paragon enables you to focus on what you do best: excellence in supporting the individuals in your care to pursue an enriched life.

A Paragon solution provides the best support possible. We reduce your responsibility for client financial management and provide an additional layer of control and accountability. Choosing Paragon as your partner will provide considerable peace of mind, minimize in-house financial responsibilities, and provide significant financial benefit with a direct positive impact to your organization’s bottom line.

Pre-paid VISA® Debit Card

We work with supported living providers to minimize or eliminate the handling of checks and cash in homes. The use of our pre-paid debit card reduces the risk of handling cash and allows for more detailed reporting of transactions, facilitating painless account reconciliation.

We load our pre-paid VISA® debit cards with budgeted weekly/monthly personal spending (groceries, hygiene, recreation, personal needs), enabling your teams to assist your clients in making purchases wherever VISA® is accepted, including online.

Our pre-paid VISA® debit cards are isolated from your clients’ main accounts, and will only be able to access funds that are specifically loaded to the card.

We provide your teams with a full suite of administrative tools, including security alerts, the ability to view real-time full transaction details, card history, and the ability to report lost cards and order replacements. We even have the capacity to provide instant issue cards to avoid any delays if a pre-paid card is lost or damaged.

Providing Outstanding Care

These systems help us to perform our services in the highest quality manner with considerable efficiency, allowing us to provide significant financial benefit to your organization’s bottom-line while providing for better segregation of duties and internal controls. This in turn gives your teams more freedom to focus on providing outstanding care.

We look forward to discussing your needs to see how our accounting solutions can help improve your service levels and cost structure. Please call or email Mark London, Vice President of Marketing at (509) 319-1419 or by email at

Environmental Cleaning & Disinfectant Services

Environmental Cleaning & Disinfectant Services

New Service Offering

In light of COVID-19, Skils’kin Commercial Services is offering environmental cleaning and disinfectant services for non-healthcare facilities. Organizations such as schools, offices, daycare centers, businesses, community centers, and public municipalities that have either been exposed or potentially exposed to COVID-19 are eligible for this service.


Commercial Services has implemented a comprehensive protocol based on CDC guidelines for deep cleaning & sanitization to combat against the COVID-19 virus.

Vertical and horizontal nonporous surfaces:

  • Any surface vertical or horizontal that comes in contact with building occupants will be addressed.
  • Visibly dirty surfaces will be cleaned using detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.
  • Once surfaces are adequately clean surfaces will be wiped down using Microban Medi-Clean commercial disinfectant. MSDS sheets provided.
  • Care is to be taken not to shake loose content in the environmental space; this will minimize the possibility of dispersing virus though the air.

Vertical and horizontal porous surfaces:

  • Surfaces covered by a porous fabric such as but not limited to carpet, cubicle walls, chairs and window covering.
  • All porous surfaces will be pre-vacuumed with true EPA rated HEPA vacuum machines suitable for asbestos and mold remediation standards.
  • All porous surfaces will be treated with Microban Medi-Clean commercial disinfectant. MSDS sheets provided.
  • Care is to be taken not to shake loose content in the environmental space; this willminimize the possibility of dispersing virus though the air.

Personal Protective Equipment

We take every precaution to insulate our cleaning staff from environmental hazards:

  • Cleaning staff will be equipped with disposable gloves and suits for all tasks in the cleaning process.
  • PPE will be compatible with disinfectant products used.
  • Additional PPE may be required based on environment and products being used.
  • Gloves and suits will be removed carefully to avoid possible contamination of the wearer and surrounding environment.
  • Hands will be cleaned immediately following removal of PPE.

Cleaning and Disinfectant Services Rates

Application of disinfectant via airless sprayer and or ULV fogging device:

  • Price $.10 per square foot of building space.
  • Minimum charge $275.00.

Note This option does not follow CDC recommendations for environmental cleaning and disinfection.

Environmental cleaning and disinfection in accordance with environmental cleaning and disinfection protocol for Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Hourly rate for 2 persons including disinfectant, cleaning equipment, and personal protective equipment.
  • Rate based on square feet of building area, $.47 per sq. ft. $550.00 minimum.
  • Rate for prevailing wage contracts based on bldg square footage. $.52 per sq ft. $550.00 minimum.

Note This option complies with recommendations for environmental cleaning and disinfection set forth by the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

To Schedule an Estimate

Our environmental cleaning and disinfectant services team looks forward to discussing your needs. Please call or email CS Operations Manager, Nichole Garcia.

(509) 326.6760 ext. 2665

Raised Credentials

Christopher Borck and Timothy Taylor are two Commercial Services crew members who have both worked at Skils’kin for several years. As Skils’kin’s Commercial Services grows so does their need for skilled employees.
Skils’kin is committed to being an incubator of leadership and talent. Last December both Christopher and Timothy decided they wanted to certify their skills through training. They both registered for a forklift driving class using their annual $250 Skils’kin Education Reimbursement. They wanted to take this class to broaden their skillset, or if Commercial Services gained a new partner that would require a forklift driver, they could be first in line for the job.
The certification was provided through Norlift in Spokane. The one day class covered PPE/Safety, inspections, repair, mechanics, load balance and placement, approach, and loading on and off of trailers. The material was taught in a classroom setting with video instruction to supplement, and a course test finished the class, including an obstacle course. The test required them to inspect and drive a forklift through a slalom course of cones forward and backward, and lift an empty pallet and move it.
Both Timothy and Christopher passed the forklift tests and are now OSHA certified operators. Timothy and Christopher want to use their certifications to help guide the next steps on their career paths. Presently, both still work at Skils’kin, and for the time being, the Commercial Service department has helped develop two highly skilled employees.
If you’re a Skils’kin employee and want to further your skills personally or professionally ask your manager about the Skils’kin Education Reimbursement fund.

Commercial Services Partners With G and T Sales Fast Frame Kit Assembly


Commercial Services is always adaptable and ready to take on new projects. G&T Sales has been in the framing business for over 20 years with their The Fast Framer Kit, including all the necessary parts for the construction of small sheds or storage spaces. The kit comes with everything except the lumber. Commercial services developed an assembly system to package together kits, as a trusted partner of G & T Sales. They are manufacturers of Fast Framer Kits, Quick Framer Kits, and Dog House Framer Kits for framing anything you can think of – sheds, greenhouses, tool sheds, wood sheds, window boxes, garden trellis and much more.

If you are interested in local customized assembly, production, and shipping services contact VP of Commercial Services, Steve McBride 509.326.6760 x 2579

Skils’kin Assists Neighborhood Revitalization

Skils’kin has found success through our connections and investment in the community. Through the combined support of concerned families and business leaders, Skils’kin came to be in 1970. Since then our continuing commitment to work together with our many friends and business partners in the community has created immense success. As Skils’kin’s headquarters is located in Spokane we constantly work to live and give back to the many communities in this area. Spokane is made up of its many diverse neighborhoods. While Skils’kin is a part of many of these communities, the Commercial Services team recently made a monumental contribution to the West Central Neighborhood.


West Central has been a staple throughout Spokane’s history. Near the turn of the century, the majority of the neighborhood’s houses were built, and have remained standing since. The community was vibrant and filled with the blue-collar workers of the railroad industry. For years this was considered a cornerstone neighborhood of the city. During the early 1970s, Spokane experienced large economic changes and the booming commerce of the railroads declined rapidly. Due to layoffs and the rising cost of living, the West Central neighborhood began to fall into disarray and was dubbed Felony Flats as the abandoned rail yard became a hub for crime. In the early 1990s, a group of community activists came together to reclaim their once beloved neighborhood. Action was taken through community development, remodeled homes, C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Policing Services), and new business development. West Central experienced a rebirth.

Revitalization of the West Central Neighborhood has taken time and investment from the community and is still underway today. There have been many players, and Skils’kin is proud to have contributed to Dutch Jake’s Park. Through our experience with public works projects, the Commercial Services crew was prepared to work as a contractor, while expanding our services and knowledge. On this project, we provided labor, laying down 26,000 square feet of sod, and assisted assembling the irrigation system. Starting in October of 2019, a small team began to move rocks and soil to create a level field for the play structure. During this time an irrigation system was also assembled underground. Molly Lorenzo, Commercial Services Supervisor, could feel the community connection during the project, “It was a great experience and we learned a lot… Neighbors would come by and check-in on the progress. The neighborhood was supportive.”

November 21st, 2019 was the grand reopening of Dutch Jake’s Park. It was a vibrant event on a sunny brisk day in West Central. Mayor David Condon spoke about the obvious success of the beautification project, and how much he personally enjoyed the new play structures earlier that morning. He was then followed by community members and businesses honoring the neighborhood and the many invested players in taking ownership. A community-based marching band then took the field and played off the event as families and community members enjoyed the park.

Skils’kin Commercial Services crew: Brandon Skocilich, Molly Lorenzo, Aethena Doney and Aaron Hatman

“A Place to Call Home” in the Eyes of Skils’kin

The Spokane Civic Theatre debuted an original play telling the story of the Hutton Settlement, and Skils’kin is happy to share news about our talented staff being a part of the production and filming of “A Place to Call Home.”

Skils’kin was contracted to film Spokane Civic Theatre’s production of “A Place to Call Home.” The story follows the life of Levi “Al” Hutton and the creation of Hutton Home/Settlement. This production was part of an anniversary celebration called 100 Years of Hutton. Zack Rosse, Marketing Manager, filmed the production for Marketing to assemble an archival video. Additional production of editing and creating an animated opening for the video was also implemented by Mike Ellsworth, Media Specialist. Skils’kin’s Melody Deatherage, HR Business Partner/Benefits Specialist, starred in the production as well. Additionally, Lark Mack took photographs of “A Place to Call Home.”

Skils’kin was excited to be involved in this historical process. Thank you Spokane Civic Theatre and the Hutton Settlement for letting us be part of this production.

Why We Work: Lark Mack

Skils’kin has added another esteemed employee to our Why We Work campaign. Lark Mack is one of the front desk admins at the Boone Headquarters in Spokane, Washington. She has been with Skils’kin for about 5 and a half years. During that time her life has gone through some momentous changes which are notably positive: procuring a driver’s license, getting married, and excelling in her photography are just a few examples.
Lark has been on the up-and-up since starting at Skils’kin. She is a valued team member and a wonderful person. Her can-do, positive attitude allows her to excel in her position. When she has an idea or method or is asked about a project; she is known to provide valuable input. In the last few years, Lark has applied her best self in her efforts at Skils’kin.
All these qualities mentioned and all she says in the video holds important work lessons. They are all reasons why she is an exemplary candidate to represent Skils’kin. Then she does so with a warm greeting to all who enter our doors.
Another notable fact about this video is a production change. Usually, Marketing Manager Zack Rosse is our Videographer, but this time HR Manager Ian Graves generated questions, conducted the interview and filmed Lark’s responses. Zack compiled and edited the footage and finalized the video. Watch and find out why Lark works.
Thank you, Lark, for sharing your views and all your contributions to Skils’kin. Additionally, thank you, Ian, for helping to bring this project to fruition and all you add to Skils’kin. And thank you, Zack, for polishing the footage. Teamwork is alive and well at Skils’kin.

If you would like to contribute to the “Why We Work” campaign, submit your story to:

Sorretie Driving at new job

Driving Goals

Goals are not ordinarily achieved overnight. When setting large goals in life there are smaller sections that build-up to the achievement. Along the way, there are many barriers and whether it’s right or wrong it’s up to you to overcome them. At Skils’kin, we celebrate when these goals are met and showcase the success and opportunities that follow a well-earned achievement.
Sorretie Jaro has been a long-time Skils’kin client for the past five years. First as Project SEARCH student, then transitioning into Skils’kin’s employment department. In the past Sorretie has gained employment at Sacred Heart Hospital, at Student First as a Staff Trainer, and at Hello Sugar, with some assistance from her Skils’kin support staff. Sorretie is an accomplished worker and a true advocate in our community.
Obtaining a driver’s license has been a goal of Sorretie’s for many years. During that time she has been positioning herself for success by budgeting the costs of the process and understanding what knowledge she felt she was still in need of. The largest obstacle between her and this goal has been the cost of driving school. After saving up from her previous paid fellowship, with Informing Families, Sorretie was able to enroll in the Interface Driving Academy. In April 2019 she began classes and began to gather the knowledge she felt she was missing. The academy was holistic in their approach to driving and gave Sorretie the tools to learn. Through their interactive software, Sorretie was able to learn through video simulation to deeply understand the rules of the road. She was also given study materials and a structure to follow along, ensuring she could prepare to pass her tests. After finishing her course at Interface, Sorretie went on to pass her written test on her first try. She then passed her driving test on her second try, and on August 9th she was eligible for a driver’s license in Washington State.
A driver’s license is a critical certification and tool in many situations. It opens the doors to new jobs and creates a level of control in life. After achieving the goal of getting her license, Sorretie capitalized on this opportunity and got a new job that required a license. She is now working at DAA Northwest as a Sale Day Driver. As a Sale Day Driver Sorretie is using her driving skills to safely transport vehicles into the auction barn. “It feels different being behind the wheel,” Sorretie says about her job. There is a new level of responsibility and independence in her life that came along with her license. The work that Sorretie put in to get her license has paid off and she was able to take the next steps in her career.
Like usual, with new opportunities come new goals. While Sorretie has her license and drives for work she does not have a car of her own yet. Gaining control over her schedule and her life will take time, but Sorretie is the kind of person to stay on track. She has already begun saving for a car and is setting new goals for how she wants to use it. With this new goal in mind, Sorretie thinks of the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. She will continue to take control of her schedule, in her work and her personal life. She plans on driving herself to Wenatchee next June for the annual Community Summit. With control over her transportation, she’ll be able to take herself to places she’s never been to before and determine where her life will take her from here.

Skils’kin Grounds Crew Contributes to Making FE Warren AFB a Tree City

Skils’kin was invited to attend the 2019 FE Warren Air Force Base Arbor Day Celebration. FE Warren 90th Missile Wing Commander Col. Bonetti read and signed the Arbor Day proclamation. This event added another year FE Warren AFB as being a Tree City USA member, 31 years total.


To be awarded Tree City USA status the base must meet 4 core standards. Skils’kin and its employees aid in meeting these standards.
• Standard 1: A Tree Board or Department.
• Standard 2: A Tree Care Ordinance.
• Standard 3: A Community Forestry Program With an Annual Budget of at Least $2 Per Capita.
• Standard 4: An Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation.


Skils’kin assists in meeting standard 3 on an annual basis. Tree maintenance and removals are included in the base contract and in IDIQ jobs. FE Warren Grounds is responsible for the care of all trees on the 555 acres we maintain.


The 2019 Arbor Celebration included an opening from Col. Bonetti, the reading and signing of the FE Warren Arbor Day proclamation by Col. Bonetti, and a ceremonial tree planting. During the opening remarks, Col. Bonetti noted how much the base vegetation has changed since it was a cavalry outpost. He noted some specific trees that were planted back in the early 1800s some of which are still standing today and are maintained by Skils’kin.



The Main Method for Instruction

At Skils’kin we prioritize our education and safety programs to create opportunities for all employees to feel comfortable, confident, and safe in their work environments. Every year Skils’kin departments are responsible for organizing and guiding monthly safety trainings that are relevant to the department activity. Ordinarily, these trainings are led by an instructor with a PowerPoint and a written test to prove competency. While these training sessions are effective and allow us to track and update our employees training it is not always the best learning environment for all of our employees. As Skils’kin considers all of the different departmental functions we ask our project managers to take ownership of their training schedule to make sure it is relevant training and teachable. Amanda Main is the Assistant Custodial Manager at the Fairchild Air Force Base who recently took her team through Ergonomics training.

In an effort to engage her team as deeply as possible Amanda Main decided to experiment with the implementation of her training. After taking in feedback from previous training sessions Amanda knew team members didn’t feel engaged through just listening, so she gave them the opportunity to do. Amanda created a role-playing situation for the training to take place in. The simulation gave participants the chance to learn by doing. Printed photos and labels transformed the training area into a van and a bathroom. Amanda asked the participants to go about tasks they would perform in their daily jobs, but the remaining team members were an audience that would “stop” the role-playing when they saw a violation of the ergonomics training. This experience engaged the whole group, allowing everyone to see and understand the training in a real-life situation. Through the excitement of the new training style, a high number of employees actively participated in the training and even went as far as to integrate more training outside of ergonomics during the simulation. From personal protective equipment to driving safety the simulated experience had the team engaged and everyone was having fun participating.

Innovation is a value at Skils’kin and applying new methods of learning allows us to accommodate everyone’s best learning style. Creating live-action situations to show competency and create engagement is a simple change that impacted our employees. We always encourage our managers to feel empowered and take ownership of what they think will make their department more effective. Through Amanda Main’s innovation, the distribution of this new training technique is underway. Employees and managers will now have more options with training to customize and teach topics in whatever method works best.