Advocacy in Employment

Sorretie Jaro is a leader and an advocate for disability rights in Washington. By working with several advocacy groups Sorretie is facilitating a conversation about how to spread a message and lead change. Sorretie works with the adult chapter, the Student First group, and the People First Lilac Chapter through People First of Washington, an advocacy group that was established in 1981. The group is meant to be an educational resource and support group for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). They believe in equal rights as citizens, regarding job opportunities and advocating on issues that affect their lives. In partnership with People First, Sorretie is also a SARTAC (Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center) Fellow. Through this partnership, Sorretie is spreading awareness with the power of video. She created her project for SARTAC, “Empowering Advocates Through Video”, with the help of Skils’kin’s marketing department. She has found that for some people advocating through a video can create a larger impact by casting a wider net.
The Skils’kin employment department is excited to work with someone like Sorretie. With a vision for change it is always exciting to be a part of new partnerships and advocacy moments in Washington.

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