Accounting Solutions for Supported Living Providers by Paragon

Accounting Solutions for Supported Living Providers by Paragon

History of Residential Care Specialization

Paragon staff have a long history of serving the residential care industry. We specialize in back office accounting solutions for supported living providers, skilled nursing, adult family homes, and other residential locations. We partner with numerous providers that serve clients in these types of settings.

Throughout the United States, Paragon works with providers of supported living programs regardless of location. We understand the need for accurate and timely reporting, individual financial plan tracking, shared expense reconciliations, eligibility reviews, and other processes specific to these populations.

Robust Systems and Processes

Paragon utilizes specialized accounting and case management software that is specifically customized for our back-end services, allowing us to implement collective bank accounts and enhance the client experience. Our system has substantial reporting capabilities that help us track spending and shared housing expenses, and report on activity for each client individually, grouped by housing units and program level. The system also allows for tracking of case notes, contact information, and a full suite of demographic and diagnostic data.

We have also implemented a fully electronic document retention system. This system allows us to capture images for all bills, receipts and other client-related documents, which are then fully searchable and routed to the appropriate staff on our team. This system is secure and backed up regularly.

Trust and Accountability

Paragon’s accounting solutions for supported living providers furnish these benefits:

  • Reduced financial risk, oversight, responsibilities, and costs.
  • Direct communication and reporting to Social Security and State agencies for annual reviews, accounting, audits, and benefit renewals.
  • Full assistance with Individual Financial Plan (IFP) creation and modification.
  • Prompt payment of invoices, distribution of budgeted funds, and as-needed expenditure requests with monthly transactional reporting.
  • Use of pre-paid VISA® debit cards with a full suite of administrative tools that include security alerts, real-time transaction details, and card history.
  • Utilization of a specialized accounting and reporting software to schedule, transact, and track all client income and disbursements.
  • Paperless Scanning Technology

Power in Partnership

We focus on what we do best: excellence in managing the finances of your clients. Partnering with Paragon enables you to focus on what you do best: excellence in supporting the individuals in your care to pursue an enriched life.

A Paragon solution provides the best support possible. We reduce your responsibility for client financial management and provide an additional layer of control and accountability. Choosing Paragon as your partner will provide considerable peace of mind, minimize in-house financial responsibilities, and provide significant financial benefit with a direct positive impact to your organization’s bottom line.

Pre-paid VISA® Debit Card

We work with supported living providers to minimize or eliminate the handling of checks and cash in homes. The use of our pre-paid debit card reduces the risk of handling cash and allows for more detailed reporting of transactions, facilitating painless account reconciliation.

We load our pre-paid VISA® debit cards with budgeted weekly/monthly personal spending (groceries, hygiene, recreation, personal needs), enabling your teams to assist your clients in making purchases wherever VISA® is accepted, including online.

Our pre-paid VISA® debit cards are isolated from your clients’ main accounts, and will only be able to access funds that are specifically loaded to the card.

We provide your teams with a full suite of administrative tools, including security alerts, the ability to view real-time full transaction details, card history, and the ability to report lost cards and order replacements. We even have the capacity to provide instant issue cards to avoid any delays if a pre-paid card is lost or damaged.

Providing Outstanding Care

These systems help us to perform our services in the highest quality manner with considerable efficiency, allowing us to provide significant financial benefit to your organization’s bottom-line while providing for better segregation of duties and internal controls. This in turn gives your teams more freedom to focus on providing outstanding care.

We look forward to discussing your needs to see how our accounting solutions can help improve your service levels and cost structure. Please call or email Mark London, Vice President of Marketing at (509) 319-1419 or by email at

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