About Us

Who We Are

Skils’kin is a community-based, nonprofit organization that provides employment services to adults with disabilities, helping them grow and thrive within the community. Through these collaborative services, we help individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment and effectively manage their financial resources, promoting integration and, ultimately, a top quality of life in the process.

We directly employ individuals with and without disabilities to provide products and services for business and the government through our Commercial Services and our AbilityOne Contracts in Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. We also place individuals with disabilities in jobs in the community through our comprehensive Employment Services department.

Our Mission

Empower people. Enhance opportunities. Enrich communities.

Our Vision

Be the company most known for creating and implementing the model for inclusion for adults with disabilities.

Corporate Values


Accountability is the acknowledgement and assumption of responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies. This includes the obligation to report, explain, and be answerable for resulting consequences.


Genuine awareness, recognition, and inclusion of the dynamic qualities, beliefs, and contributions of every individual.


Foster purposeful connections to better our communities.


The creation of more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas.


The honesty and accuracy of one’s actions.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

Skils’kin is a Salish word meaning “a place where a person goes to seek personal identity and self-empowerment”